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Tuesday is here and so is our category: Tuesday Fonts. This time we present to you Palitoon, Corbert and Intro. This display brushlike typeface is appropriate for projects aiming at children or young people in good colored and fun print and digital publications. Equipped with small c ...
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9 Tips for Designers and Coders to Create a Great Website
Most people new to an endeavor will often look for a magic pill that can help them easily do a task. However, the truth is, there is often no magic pill. The secret is often to research and then to practice, practice, practice. This is not any different when it comes to web design and coding website ...
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Beautiful Premium Gold graphics can be used in web design or print design and they will add elegance and sophistication. A great example is our theme Vixen - A Crafty Responsive Wordpress Blog Theme.Add A bit of golden elegance to your designs with this lovely kit of useful designer ...
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Anyone who owns a business of their own may be asking themselves "Why is it critical to be mobile-friendly?" From a marketing standpoint having a website that consumers can access on their smart phones and other mobile devices is the key to standing out among the competition. No matter what type of ...
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Need to Change htaccess How to Locate One with a Fresh WP Installation
Among the most puzzling but common WordPress errors related with the WordPress site, sudden disappearance of the .htaccess file has baffled many users. Recently we advised a user to delete the .htaccess file from his website but upon searching that user was unable to locate the .htaccess file and pr ...
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