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September 5, 2011 by PremiumCoding - 6 Comments

Advertise your business on PremiumCoding and drive more traffic to your website. Setup a backlink to improve your Page Rank and appear higher on Google SERP (search engine position).

PremiumCoding offers a variety of advertising options to meet any advertising demand you might have. We offer competitive prices and are negotiable. Feel free to drop us an email and discuss the prices.

We also offer advertising on a well known BuySellAdds advertising campaing. Check PremiumCoding advertising options on BuySellAdds.

PremiumCoding attracted over 40,000 unique visitors in September and this number is constantly increasing. Your ads will be exposed to approx 100,000 views every month. Demographics show that the majority of our users are from the USA, UK, Canada & Europe.

There are no significant rules on what you can advertise; apart from the mention of porn/hacking etc. Traffic is constantly rising as can be seen from the graph.

Please contact PremiumCoding directly from here. Topic should be something like “Advertise with PremiumCoding”.


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