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January 30, 2012 by PremiumCoding - 4 Comments


“Welcome to our brand new WordPress plugin. WordPress Facebook Blog will enable you to post your latest or featured posts from your WordPress blog directly on your Facebook Fan Page.”


Facebook Fan Pages are getting more popular by the day. Many companies and bloggers now post their latest news on Facebook Pages to promote their products or services.


WordPress is currently powering almost 15% of all websites which makes it the most widely used CMS. Simplicity of use and powerful addons are the reasons why even companies now use WordPress.


Have you ever thought that it would be great to automaticly post your WordPress posts on your Facebook Fan page at the same moment you click the Publish button in WordPress? Our plugin does just that.


This plugin comes with seven premade themes. We will add new ones on a frequent basis (at least once a month). All templates use CSS for design so they are easy to customize!


After you activate the plugin simply choose the theme, set a few parameters and paste the link in the Facebook Application profile and you are ready to go!


If you have any problems with installing the Facebook Page Theme Plugin or need any other form of help please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available via contact form on our web page and our support page on CodeCanyon.








You can check our Facebook Page and see how the plugin skins look like in live action:


We have added the ability to choose which category from your WordPress Blog you wish to display on your Facebook Page. Simply check all the desired categories (see the screenshot below) and they will be displayed promptly.

Choose which category to display

UPDATE – January 21, 2012

Below is an updated screen of you have to set up your Facebook Application. In case you do not have a SSL certificate replace the Secure Page Tab URL with the link from Social Server: “https://secure.social-server.com/v2/” and then follow instructions found on their site.

How to set up your Facebook App


In the past few months we noticed an increasing demand for Facebook Page Themes. We have gotten several requests about making it possible to automaticly post your WordPress blog on the Facebook Fan Page Application. Many website administrators now frequently post their news from WordPress blogs on Facebook also. This plugin simplifies the process since all your posts are automaticlly posted on your Facebook Fan Page at the same time.

We developed a few HTML/CSS themes from our Facebook PSD themes and let users set their skin and parameters via WordPress Administration. All themes are made with HMTL/CSS which means you can customize every theme with ease.

What if I want a specific design for my Facebook Page Blog Theme? If you would like a design  based on your own preferences do not hesitate to contact us. We can develop it for you.


If you would like to have a complete mini websites with home page, blog, portfolio and contact form within your Facebook Page please take a look at our Facebook Page Themes Plugin that will implement a complete mini website on your Facebook profile.


You can earn affiliate commissions through Envato (CodeCanyon) just by referring new users to Facebook Page Themes! Just sign up on the Envato Marketplaces (it’s free) and earn a 30% commission on the first deposit of every new member you refer!

If you aren’t already an Envato user, sign up here. After you complete registration process you are ready to receive referral commission. Share referral link below to start earning money.


We will add more Themes each month and we are open to suggestions. If you have a good idea and basic structure of how the Blog Page should look like and what functionalities are a  must have do not hestitate to contact us. All suggestions will be considered and we will pick the most wanted ones and include them in our future updates.


When you unzip the files you just bought look for the file wp-facebook-blog.zip. Go to your WordPress admin panel and select “Plugins”. Click on button “Add new” and on next page click upload. Now browse for the zip file mentioned above and click Install now. All you have to do now is to activate the plugin. Settings for the plugin can be found under main settings of WordPress named FB Blog.


After you install the plugin go to FB themes (one of the main settings tabs). Choose tag named Theme and select one of the premade themes. You will now notice several links above the settings.

Facebook blog from wordpress set link

Use the appropriate link and follow the procedure below to add the Theme to your Facebook page.

  • Create a normal Facebook Account (skip to step two if you already have a Facebook account)
  • Login with that Account
  • Once logged, create a Fan-Official Page here.
  • Verify your account for Developer App here. Can be done by sms or credit card.
  • Create a new App.
  • Set application name
  • Now copy / paste the provided link to the following tags below: Website, App on Facebook, Page Tab like seen here.
  • If you wish that the theme will appear properly in secure connection (https) you need to have a SSL certificate on your hosting (server). Check how to add secure connection link to your page here.
  • Assign the app to a page, using “Add to my Page” button on App. Profile Page. (left menu)
  • If link to app. doesn’t appear, inside the FB Page / Edit page, go to Apps. section, and try to Add it clicking on “Edit settings” in the app. entry in the list.
  • Additional advice: avoid using _self links or giving users that possibility through the xml. Self links will be loaded inside the iframe.

UPDATE – December 9, 2011:

Facebook is in the process of removing the App Profile Page completely, and has added new ways to add your App to your Fan Page. Read my article on Facebook’s removal of the App Profile Page.

If your App is only to add a Page Tab to your Facebook Page, and not an App that you want to make available to multiple pages, you can simply navigate to this URL in your browser:


Replace “YOUR_APP_ID” with your App ID and “YOUR_URL” with your App’s Canvas URL, both of which values are available in your app settings.

For a more detailed tutorial about installing apps on your Facebook Fan page read the tutorial on Hyperarts.


Since October 1st there are some big changes in how Facebook handles security. If a Facebook user has secure browsing turned on then your Facebook Page needs a secure connection to appear properly. That means that you would have to upgrade your hosting plan (add a SSL certificate). If you do not wish to buy a SSL certificate you have another option. A site called Social Server allows you to convert your existing URL into a secure one (https) for free. Sign up and enter the link that our plugin provides. You will get a secure link in return which you now have to add to Secure Canvas URL and Secure Page Tab URL like seen here and you are all set.


First thing you have to do is select a predesigned skin for your blog. We have prepared them in several color options (dark, light, blue, red, yellow,…) so everyone will find the one that fits. After you have selected the theme there are only a few more parameters to be set.

Predesigned skin for you Facebook Fan Page Blog


Blog page will present your latest wordpress posts on your Facebook Page by default. However you can also set the ID of the posts if you wish to show only specific posts. You can see the ID of the post in the URL of the browser when you edit the post.

Facebook blog from wordpress custom posts

You can hide the date and category of the post if you do not wish to use it. Simply set the parameter Show date and user information to false.

If some of the titles on your blog are over 35 characters long you can shorten them by selecting  Short Title parameter to true.

Some of the WordPress blogs don’t use or have featured images in their posts. To avoid having the ugly “missing image” icon displayed on your Facebook Blog set the parameter Show only text to true.

Some of the skins use a read more button with the applied text. Parameter Read more button translation will enable you to translate the button to any language.

Facebook blog from wordpress settings


Below are screenshots of all the Facebook Themes that are currently available. We will add more as the time progresses.