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WordPress Falling Snow Plugin

November 1, 2011 by PremiumCoding - 22 Comments

We made a nice Falling Leaves Plugin for the autumn time. It allowed you to add a nice Flash falling leaves animation on your images and banners. We got a lot of emails asking us to make a snow version for the winter time.

We have granted your wishes. We present you a free Wordpress plugin that will add falling snow animation to your banners and images.  You can add it to any image anywhere in the post or page. Simply use the shortcode and under image path set the path to your image. This gives you an opportunity to have multiple images with falling snow animation on separate pages of your website. Just be sure that the id you enter in shortcode is unique for each banner implementation.



Download WordPress Falling Snow Plugin (2458)


This is how animation looks on a nice winter background. Below is an example of how it would look on a simple discount / promotional banner ad. It will definitely catch an eye of your visitors and increase the amount of clicks you will get.




We have several updates planned for the near future:

  • option to add an external URL (on click)
  • controls for flakes velocity
  • wind conditions
  • angle of the fall


Settings for this plugin are plain and simple. First you have to upload the image you want to use in settings, you can then define width and height of the plugin. Then simply set how many snow flakes you want and you are ready to go. All you have to do now is enter the shortcode in a post or page. Use following shortcode if you will use a custom image (that is different from the one you just uploaded in settings):

[“snow id=1 custom=1 width=300 height=300 upload_image=url number_snow=50 rotationtype=2D” path=http://yoururl.com]

Be sure to remove the apostrophes when you are applying the shortcode. If you would like to use several applications of the plugin you have to use different ID number for each one of them. Set the desired width, height and the url of the image you would like to use. Last two settings directly affect the animation. Number_snow defines how many snow flakes are going to be used in animation. It is not recommended to set this number over 200 since it will start to stutter. You can also set the type of animation in the shortcode (3D is used in Banner Ad and 2D on first image). Last parameter is path which defines the url that the image points to on click. Set your external url here.


Flash source is currently not included. If you would like to get your hands on it, two versions of our Flash Falling Snow Animation are available for sale on Activeden:



  • Initial release version.