WordPress Cloud Tag Plugin

July 7, 2011 by PremiumCoding - 12 Comments

We present you a premium wordpress plugin which will enhance your webpage. WordPress Cloud Tags links plugin presents your tags in a creative way. We have prepared a preview of the file that you can see below. Here you can test all the different settings that this plugin offers. A live example of how this would look on your webpage can be seen in a widget to the right.  If you like the plugin please help us spread the word.



For any questions related to the plugin please visit our support forum.

If you ever come accross an idea about how to improve one of our plugins please post in in our support forum and we might make it happen.


  • type of animation
  • color variations of tags
  • drag and drop ability
  • reflection
  • boundries to which tags can travel
  • position of tags for static animations


When you unzip the files you just bought look for file wp-FlashTag.zip. Go to your WordPress admin panel and select “Plugins”. Click on button “Add new” and on next page click upload. Now browse for the zip file mentioned above and click Install now. All you have to do now is to activate the plugin. Settings for the plugin can be found under main settings of WordPress named WP Flash Tag Cloud.


  • Width of the Flash tag cloud – here you can set width of the widget. Simply enter value in pixels (usually between 250 and 300).
  • Height of the Flash tag cloud – here you can set height of the widget. Simply enter value in pixels (usually between 250 and 300).
  • Color of the tags – parameter that defines color of tags. There are five options available (blue, red, white, black and green).
  • Reflection – parameter that defines whether reflection is turned on or off (true or false)
  • Drag and Drop – parameter that defines whether tags can be drag and droped or not (true or false)
  • Numbers of tags – parameter that defines number of tags that are being displayed. If you have too many tags on your website it is advised you limit the number that are displayed. Value 0 means all tags are displayed.
  • Custom background color – Currently a default background is set (an image). If you wish to set custom color please first set value of »Use custom color« to false and update. Now you can enter a color in hexadecimal format (000000 is black and FFFFFF is white). Please refer to http://www.colorpicker.com/ to get your desired color.
  • Output options – parameter that defines whether only tags, only categories or both are being displayed in a Tag cloud.



  • Initial release version.


  • Fixed an error that caused plugin to malfunction. Please download again if you already have the plugin.


  • Default number of tags set to 20. All tags generated are in HTML for SEO purposes.


  • Added shortcode for usage in posts and pages: use [ WP-FlashTagCloud id=1 width=300 height=300 ]:
  • For use in code directly use: <?phpecho wp_tagFlash_short_php(8,300,300);?>
  • ID must be unique, width and height should be numerical (without px)


  • We have redone Admin panel to be more intuitive, also improved design.


  • Improved Flash performance and decreased loading time


  • Fixed a XML path related bug


  • Small bug fix


  • Added support for latin characters