3d banner rotator preview

New WordPress plugin – 3D logo rotator

July 20, 2011 by PremiumCoding - No Comments

We are in final stages of our latest WordPress plugin development. It is a 3D logo rotator build from our well received Flash 3D rotator. You can have unlimited number of banners that you can embed as a widget or you can use shortcode to insert it into post or page. Number of images within each banner is also unlimited. That means you can have as many widgetized banners as you would like. If you would like to participate in testing please drop us a note and we will send you a copy. Check a fast preview below. Also be sure to check how it looks as a widget (our right sidebar).

There will be unlimited number of 3D transitions (currently in preview you can see a simple rotation along Y axis). For a more subtle transition you can also set a simple fade in (alpha transparency).