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“Welcome to our new WordPress plugin. Beautiful Creative Slideshow will showcase your products or services in an impressive manner. A lot of cool features will help you adjust it to your web page.”


This creative slideshow was made using the Flash technology. Now it has been converted into a beautiful WordPress plugin to enhance your webpages. Slick design will make your webpages stand out!


The plugin comes with a custom admin panel where you can manage and customize all of your slideshows. To use it, you only have to put ashortcode in your page. A simple and functional drag and drop feature to help you change order of images implemented.


For each picture you can set up a unlimited number of text captions, styled with CSS. You can also set URL link on each image and text caption to point to a different web page!











Download WordPress plugin Creative Slideshow (9751)


This free WordPress plugin comes with no free support. If you need any modifications to the slideshow please contact us and we will give you a quote.


Welcome to our brand new WordPress plugin. Beautiful Creative Slideshow will showcase your products or services in an impressive manner. Slideshow comes with a beautiful design and you can add unlimited number of captions. You can also have unlimited number of different Slideshows on the same WordPress website.


When you unzip the files you just bought look for file wp-creativeSlideshow.zip. Go to your WordPress admin panel and select “Plugins”. Click on button “Add new” and on next page click upload. Now browse for the zip file mentioned above and click Install now. All you have to do now is to activate the plugin. Settings for the plugin can be found under main settings of WordPress named WP Creative Slideshow.


You have two ways of implementing slideshow into wordpress. You can use shortode   [“CreativeBanner id = 1 width=920 height=420″]  – remove ” when actually using it for implementation into posts or pages. ID  has to be unique and width and height should match be slightly bigger then the size of your images. For implementation directly in code use  < ?php echo do_shortcode([“CreativeBanner id = 1 width=920 height=420″]); ?>. Remove the empty space between “<” and “?” for the shortcode to work. ID  has to be unique and width and height should match those in settings.


You can have unlimited number of different slideshows on your WordPress installation. After you visit the settings of the slideshow click the button Add New Banner. Now simply name the banner and save the settings. You can now start adding images. You can delete the slideshow at any time by clicking the Delete Banner Icon found in the left part of each Banner tag.


To start adding images click the icon called Add New Image. A simple form for adding new images will open (see the screenshot below). First you have to upload the image. Clicking upload image will bring up WordPress form for media upload. Click Select files and search for your image. When image is ready click Insert  into post. Image is now set and ready to be used. You can also enter the URL directly. Next setting defines the time each image is shown. Time is set in seconds (value 10 means image will be shown for 10 seconds before moving to the next one). URL sets the address to which the image points on click. There are several transitions available for each image and you can choose them from a dropdown list.

Creative slideshow How to add new image


Image is now saved and you now have the ability to add text captions to it. You can add unlimited number of text captions for each image. Caption Text defines the actual text that is displayed in the caption. Simply enter your message here.

Time at which caption appears defines when the caption should appear. If you set this value to 3 the caption will appear three seconds after the image is shown.

There are several options as how the caption appears. It can move from the right, left, up or down, it can fades in and it can move along z axis to demonstrate 3D motion.

Caption background Color and Caption Background Alpha define the design of the caption’s background. Simply enter the desired color and set how transparent the background is (value between 0 and 1).

Position of the caption is defined with parameters Position along X Axis and Position along Y Axis. Enter the exact coordinates for each caption to properly position them on the image (anywhere you want).

Time of the Tween defines how long the animation of the caption lasts. Time is set in seconds. URL sets the address to which the caption points on click.

Form of the caption background is used to set whether the caption background is a square or a rounded square.

Easing of the Animation is a parameter that defines the easing of the caption’s animation. You can choose between Elastic.easeOut, Back.easeOut, Bounce.easeOut, Circ.easeOut, Cubic.easeOut and Quint.easeOut.

Creative slideshow caption settings


General settings that are valid for the whole slideshow are applied here.

Transparency of the background sets the opacity of the image holder. Enter the value between 0 and 1.

Next few settings set the position and color of the used preloader. X position of preloader, Y position of preloader and Color of preloader allow you to customize the position and design of slideshow’s preloader.

Last few settings enable you to customize the color of the numbers used on the slideshow. Simply enter the colors for both states (normal and hover).

Creative slideshow: main settings


To place an image into a different position simply grab it and then drag and drop it to a desired position. Order by can be done in seconds!

Creative slideshow order by

Download WordPress plugin Creative Slideshow (9751)