10 Tips for Brand Building with Web Design

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Whether you are starting your website from scratch or just working on your updates, having a clear idea about the brand building is essential. First of all, the brand is what people see and recognize about your company or business. Not your products or services, but a brand. That means that you have to be extra careful when you build your brand on a web platform because improper public presentation might drive people away from you. Let’s take a look at some of the techniques and tricks you can use in order to build a brand in a proper way with quality web design.

Think before acting

Most businesses and owners jump at the first opportunity to start up their website without thinking twice. While wanting to put your services out there as soon as possible is smart, doing so recklessly is less so. Before you think about going online, ask yourself where your business is going – what are you trying to accomplish with your web platform? Do you want more reach and convert new customers? Or do you want to sell your products directly online, offering up a centralized and accessible online store?

All of these questions go into the brand building because they will determine the direction of your website. It’s also a good idea to involve as many people into this brainstorming phase as possible because you need valuable and clever input when deciding these things.


Establish a solid brand

Before you venture into online waters with your business, you also need to establish some basis of your brand. The brand is what will determine all the graphical elements of your website and it’s what people will associate with you. Assuming you have a logo, logotype and basic visual elements such as colors and fonts, you also need to think about your business correspondences.

The web designer can only do so much if he doesn’t have the necessary information about your business, and these are the basics that everyone should have. Once your brand is set in stone, you’re ready to start building your brand online through web design.


Create an inviting landing page

Let’s take our blog Theme Everly as an example. We want to present the different possibilities and features the Theme has. To achieve that we need to first build a landing page that showcases different demos and lists all the main features. Minimal but clean and visually appealing Slideshow will attract your reader’s eyes instantly. And below the slideshow, you can present your products or examples. To see how landing page looks simply click on the images.

A landing page is basically the first thing that your customer will see when they visit your website. What is it that you want them to see once they arrive? Is it an informative and inviting message about how your product can be utilized in a family environment? Is it a motivational message about how you are shaping the world around you with the help of your users?

These are some of the first steps towards building a brand and establishing a healthy relationship with your customers. No one likes self-centric companies who seek profit above all else – everyone wants some care and attention. If your landing page is done properly, your customer will not only look through your products and remember the brand but also buy something and spread word of mouth about how caring you are.


Implement social media

Once your landing page and building blocks are set, it’s a good idea to think about implementing social media into your platform. There’s no better or easier way to get publicity than to link your service to social media sites and garner a following that will spread good words about you. It’s a great way to reach new audiences and a pretty cheap or even completely free way of doing so.

Make sure to think about how you are going to go about it – by promoting your products and sales or to post important announcements and news. You can certainly do both, but you will also need a dedicated person or a team in charge of social media to keep it all together. This is the essential step in building your brand. Every referral that comes from social media will come knocking directly on your web page which is now ready and able to welcome new customers.


Be consistent

Building brand is all about being consistent. This means that every page of your website should fit into a whole and feel related to others. We’ve talked about brand elements before and all of these rules apply for consistency. Your logo and related elements should always be fully visible for reference and lead back to the main page. Even a slight change of color from page to page, if not intentionally planned, will confuse the user and drive him or her away. Talk to your team about what kind of a message you want to send about your consistency. If you want a colorful web page that resonates with life and playfulness, why not?

What’s important though is that your customers know that this is a part of who you are. The same consistency should apply toward offline products and services as well because graphical elements are visual and easiest to remember. You don’t want your brand to be confused with some similar one just because of a slight inconsistency – pay attention and it will return tenfold.


Use a friendly tone of voice

Depending on your business, you can be more or less friendly with every type of brand out there. Whether you are into law, health, youth clothing or something fourth, all of these businesses are run by people. People have feelings and they like being friendly with each other. By adopting a friendly tone of voice, you will seem much more inviting and your brand building will go that much more easily.

While you shouldn’t go fully casual and lose your professional edge, it’s also important to let your clients and visitors know that you care about them. Human emotion and consistency are what builds a brand, not flashy graphics and impressive portfolios.


Create relevant content

Seeing as your web page is now operational and has new hits each day, it’s important to stay relevant and up to date. This is where the everyday web design comes into play in terms of creating relevant content for your visitors. Even if you are only a sales platform, relevant content is what will keep people coming back to you – or not do so. If you don’t have a content marketing or creation expert on your team, you should get academic help in order to create fresh and professional content that caters to your audiences.

As a matter of fact, such services differ a lot not only by prices but also by the proficiency levels of their authors. Be sure, that you are choosing among the best as it will surely save your time and money, as well as keep your nerve. Consider using EssayPro top essay writer service which specializes in creating and polishing high-quality articles and essays. If you want to stop spending hours proofreading and editing content by yourself, let the professionals take care of these tiring tasks.

Once your webpage is up to date and operational, it will be up to you to keep it that way through regular refreshments. Brand building is an ongoing investment, but you shouldn’t be worried about it – relevant content will always attract the right crowd and return your investments many times over.


Focus on user experience

User experience, or UX for short, has become a dominant trend in the past couple of years. What this means is that the experience of visiting your website and navigating through it is what will determine if your visitor is a promoter or detractor. If you don’t have anyone with UX experience on the team, make sure to consult an expert to tell you what to focus on in order to develop UX better on your website.

These factors include elements such as response times, button placements, shortcuts, readability, loading times, etc. – you get the idea. If you want to build your brand and become trending among younger audiences and techies, focusing on UX is the way to go.

Give your visitors control

While you shouldn’t open up completely, giving your readers and customers a chance to shape your platform is always a great idea. Make sure that you have a dedicated platform that allows live chat or email to be sent directly to your offices. People like to have an ability to say what they think, and even more so if they think they can positively influence something.

Brand building isn’t a one-way street – it requires cooperation and understanding on both sides. You might just receive an amazing idea from someone who is not on your staff and implement it successfully, maybe even employing the said person in the process. Let your customers speak their mind and you might be pleasantly surprised as to what you will hear.

Stay true to yourself

This is the most important tip any brand building expert will give you. It’s all too easy to buckle under pressure and completely revamp your platform, scrap your brand and turn it into something different or simply break promises that you’ve made to your customers. This is not how you build a brand or even a business.

By making sure that you stay true to your company’s vision and business plan you will garner a loyal following. This will not only make your business boom but also build a brand that is based on trust, loyalty, and family. There is no better way to create a permanent place in your customer’s hearts than staying true to everything you tell them.

In conclusion

As you can see, brand building is a process that takes time and careful planning, but once it’s up and running, it will gain a life of its own. In truth, the brand building never stops to happen; it only evolves into something different, going through its steps and phases living a life of its own. It’s up to you to use this and grow your business in the direction you want to see it go – there really isn’t a wrong way to go about it, only the one you decide for yourself.


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