3 Reasons Your Content is an Important Part of SEO

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Everybody involved with internet marketing has heard that ‘content is king’, especially when you are dealing with SEO techniques. The reason you hear this so much is because there is truth in it. As simple as it may sound the quality of your website content is what will rule the day for you.


It needs to be tailor made to suit the search engines, it should be interesting and insightful. It should be able to keep your readers there and have them coming back for more of the same. I’m going to show you three reasons why there is no value in any SEO package without you having high quality well-written content.

1. Content Builds Brands – Have you ever visited a site with high expectations only to be let down once you begin reading the content? Most of us have. That’s why this is mere common sense that you keep quality content on your site, and update it regularly.


2. Content Brings In Targeted Traffic – Did you ever wonder why your articles didn’t bring in the kind of visitors you expected? Ever wonder about why the PPC ads didn’t get any clicks? It’s because of your content! The more insightful and interesting your content is then the more organic traffic will spring from it. More visitors, more conversions.

3. Content Creates Conversions – Well-written content used in the right way improves your conversions. Increased sales is the bottom line for any online business. An example would be that any web content with blocks of text written in a very haphazard manner, just confuses people and they will leave. But if your content is good and informative then they are getting what they came for, and will stay and probably buy.


Keep in mind that your website design and your content work together to create conversions. So don’t try fitting your design into your content blocks, but your content into your design.

Even articles submissions can be a waste of time if the content is no good. Content rules on the Internet and the quicker you understand that the better off you’ll be. So if you can’t write good content yourself, then you need to find someone who can and have them write for you. PLR is a good way to go. But get good content at all cost. Then you will have the traffic you need for success and for building your online business the right way.

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