5 Tips for Using SEO to Build Your Brand

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Building a brand that people trust is not an easy job, but when you harness the power of SEO to do it, things can become easier than you could imagine. SEO is mostly used by internet marketers just to drive traffic to their website, but the truth is, it can be effectively used to build your brand awareness online. A brand name that people type into the Google Search Bar will stay strong regardless of the changing grounds and algorithm updates of search engines.

Here are 5 useful SEO tips that can help you build your brand on the web


1. Unique web design and appearance

The first and basic tip of creating brand awareness is to give a great visual impression to your audience. This can be done by having a unique and attractive web design and logo that can leave a lasting impression in the minds of the visitors. It is very important to continuously monitor user interaction with the site’s design to make sure it is doing the job.


2. The social media proof

The number of followers your brand has on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will affect how new visitors judge your brand. Obviously, the higher the number of followers your brand has, the more credible and authoritative your brand appears to be. So, it is vital to have a solid fan following on social media to create the impression of a big brand which will easily make you a big one in fact. In order to improve the social media following, you should place your social subscription widgets on your site where people can easily see them.


3. Schema markups

The schema markups are essentially an easy way of making your content more organized and search engine friendly. Not only it makes the job of search engines easier, it also gives a great impression of your brand to the search engine user. A neatly organized search snippet is more likely to get clicks and a brand awareness boost.


4. Optimize sitelinks

When you search for your brand on Google, it should throw up your site at the top. And not just one link, it should be a group of about 6 links from your website. You want these six links to be the best ones from your website or you are missing out a lot. Google picks up these links on its own criteria but you obviously know your business better than Google. You can visit the site links section and change the priorities of these links so that people who search for your brand see the best of it.


5. Strategic link building

There was a time when link building was all about creating a huge number of backlinks to your site. This is not the case anymore. To grow as a reputed brand, all you need to do is a partner with a few trusted leaders in your industry. These few quality and high authority links will act both as SEO as well as brand signals for your brand. Your audience will perceive you as a trusted brand seeing the links from other reputed industry leaders. This is an easy growth hack you can practically apply to your brand-building campaign.

As you can see from the above points, SEO can be effectively used to leverage your brand awareness and break into your industry as a big player if you use it tactically. So, the next time you hire an SEO agency for your business, make sure you go with someone like Ghost Marketing and the branding division that has sound knowledge of brand building in addition to the standard SEO. And if you are looking to target the local market, your SEO agency should also specialize in local SEO. Various companies and freelancers like SEO Salisbury can help you with this.

As a matter of fact, branding and SEO are not mutually exclusive fields. You will get the best results when you combine these two.

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