5 Winning Website Design Features for Your Website

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With companies competing to win a share of the vast online market today, having the best web design is inevitable. With most of the world population today using their smartphones, e-commerce is increasingly becoming the way to do business. If you want your business to be in existence in the years to come, you cannot run away from creating a strong online presence. Great web design helps you to keep your customers engaged and leads to business growth. Below are some of the features of top websites that are found among the list of good looking websites in Singapore.

Minimalist design

The concept of minimalism has gained momentum among many web designs today. The idea is that less is more. A minimalist design is one which is simplified by excluding elements or content that is not necessary for users. Some characteristics of minimal design include strategic color palette where color is only used to direct attention to a specific item. This is a move away from using a variety of loud colors. There is also the use of negative space or white space to make the page look cleaner.

Responsive design

All websites need to embrace responsive design because it is futuristic. A responsive design will read well on just about any device. That means you do not have to restructure your website to suit the latest device to attract a new audience. Responsive design is also easy to manage because the changes you make are reflected on all the devices.

Single layout design

The website layout is the pattern of a website that determines its structure. It is a crucial element to website success as it determines whether users will stay or leave your site. A good layout will structure the website information to suit both the website owner and the user and allow for easy navigation. The single layout design, for example, is a good design because it combines almost all of a site’s actions into one page. You are able to see all the offerings on a single page and you can click on the one you want.

User experience and user interface

User interface are the things that website visitors use to interact with your page. It includes icons and button displays. For example, custom icons make a website user interface better. User experience is the general feeling a user gets while they are using your site. Things like speed and layout of your website determine user experience.

Huge product images and background videos

Many website landing pages today have a catchy image or a background video. A video is especially effective because it keeps visitors hooked to your page for a considerable time. They get to interact with your product and that increases the chances of making a conversion.

The modern website seeks to create the great user experience. De-clutter your site and appeal to visitors using quality and relevant content, images and videos. A call to action or relevant pop-ups on your website also complement your efforts to lead customers down the sales funnel.

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