Benefits of using Website Templates vs. Custom Design

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Having a web developer create a custom design for your website might seem like a great idea but did you realize that it’s possible to get a beautiful design at the fraction of the cost? Most serious developers can charge anywhere from $300 or more on a custom design and on top of that, you may have to wait a few weeks until they finish the project. If you are looking to begin your website business now, going with a template will suit you best. There are actually over 2,000 different website templates to choose from these days, depending on the type of site you have. Let’s explore some of the benefit when it comes to using a template design vs. the traditional custom design.


Like we said before, you can save a good amount of money if you go with a website template. Of course, it may be more generic but did you know that you can have someone put up a logo to match with the site? They can even make small customizations if you wish, without having to create the website design from scratch. A custom design could cost you $200 or even up to $1,000, depending on how intricate the design is and what you’d like. On the other hand, there are clean templates available from $10 to $99 each.



You might think that there are no quality templates out there, but if you take a further look – there are tons. Many of them look like they have been designed from scratch. For example, you can pick up these templates at Theme Forest, Elegant Themes, and other businesses online. Some include HTML templates while others cater to CMS based websites. You could easily integrate images from your business just by using the instructions provided. Almost every template business will give you a document guiding you on how to do small customizations.


Website templates are preferred over custom designs because they allow you to begin your business or blog as soon as you receive your template. There is no waiting days or even weeks to have a design complete. In fact, there are plenty of subscription sites that allow you to download your template and you will get it as soon as you sign up. It’s really that simple! This is great if you are anxious to start a new project but want your website to look fabulous in terms of design.

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