Best radio station apps for Android and iOS

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These days, there are plenty of ways to listen to music, such as from mp3 players or simply from smartphones. You can select what track to play, skip, or repeat them whenever you like. However, people still love radio, and Internet technologies gave a second life to radio stations by bringing them online.

Nowadays, you can use software to listen to hundreds of thousands of online radio stations and can find virtually any music genre as live streams on the web. Or, you can make your own radio station app and make money from it.

Let us take a look at the top 5 radio apps for mobile devices and find out why they appeal to their users. However, we will exclude music streaming apps because they differ in functionality and provide another kind of experience. So, no Pandora or Spotify on this list. However, if you are a fan of audio streaming services, be sure to check them. Those apps are awesome in their own way.

TuneIn Radio from TuneIn Inc

This mobile app has the largest collection of audio content in the form of live broadcasting or on-demand tracks. It has over 100000 online radio stations and more than 5.7 million podcasts available from your mobile device.

In addition to many music genres, TuneIn Radio provides access to numerous radio stations that specialize in news and sports events. The app is free but the subscription-based “Premium” level offers better functionality as well as an ad-free experience.


This application is dedicated to music content and excels in this area. It offers access to more than 900 radio stations that broadcast over 50 different genres of music. A true gem for a melomaniac!

The selection of genres is really impressive. AccuRadio has stations that play various kinds of rock: alternative, punk, classic, indie, etc. Those who love smooth jazz, blues, or soul will also enjoy this app. This application will provide you high-quality music content: from hip-hop to country, from Korean pop to reggae, and much more. Users who prefer cabaret or Broadway musicals will also find stations that satisfy their tastes.

All features of this app are available for free. There is occasional audio advertising but it does not ruin the listening experience. Users also can rate music tracks, save favorite stations or blacklist specific songs or artists.

XiiaLive from Visual Blasters LLC

XiiaLive is a unique app that merges the features of a conventional radio receiver with the functionality of a music player. The resulting mix is further enhanced by the capabilities of your smartphone and Internet services. For example, the app has an equalizer and alarm clock features.

The application has a database of over 50 thousand online radio stations from all around the world. Moreover, users can add their custom stations via URLs or use an “auto scan” function to quickly find available stations.

XiiaLive supports sound buffering and allows users to customize the size of a buffer. That’s why, it is possible to pause, skip or “rewind” the audio stream. As usual in such apps, users can rate, sort, and filter audio content, create the list of favorite stations, and save listening history.

Audials Radio from Audials Radio Software

This mobile app also offers access to thousands of radio stations from all around the world. Users can specify the country, preferred genres or even look for particular performers or songs. The advanced search functionality is perhaps the most prominent feature of Audials Radio.

In addition to music, Audials Radio also provides access to numerous podcasts in different languages and on various topics. Another useful feature is the “Record” button that allows users to record and save the audio broadcast for further listening.

Users can also link Audials Radio to their music collections stored on their computers. This way, they can play their media files from desktops, for example, on smartphones using wireless communication.


Unlike other radio apps from this list, NRP One is dedicated to news and narrative content. It provides a unique experience of listening to public radio for those who appreciate the style. The authors of the app aim at providing customized content, so the application tries to learn a user’s taste based on interaction with it. Whenever users decide to skip content to mark it as interesting, NRP One adapts in order to offer interesting stories and relevant news.

NRP One has most features that improve the user experience: an intuitive interface, search, ability to pause, rewind or skip content, and so on.


Digital technologies brought us the Renaissance of radio stations, and nowadays they are popular more than ever. Though mp3 players and on-demand audio services have numerous advantages, online radio has a unique charm and “old-school” flavor. These days. we have thousands of radio stations with almost limitless content on our fingertips. So, there is a perfect station for each of us.

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