Cool Flyer Designs For Benchmarking Promotions

From selling a pen to promoting a skyscraper, flyers can make or break it. Prefer cool flyer designs that are outstanding & versatile in all senses. With this said, let’s give a bow to cool flyer designs & readymade flyer templates made available by flyer maker online. As a benefit, you don’t have to invest energy & get professionally crafted flyers in minutes.

The cool designs and regular ones have a fine line of difference. That’s the only difference that decides whether yours will find a place in the drawer or trash can. Let’s be positive here as we’re sharing some of the coolest flyer inspirations you’ll ever see.

15 Cool Flyer Designs for Small to Large Scale Business Promotions

  • Stick to the Rule: One Message at a Time

First things first, flyer designs have some rules to never ignore. One of them is preparing your flyer with one message at a time. It stops your prospects from getting confused about what to do after receiving the leaflet.

In short, speak uniformly with one message for your target audience. This applies to uniformity in colors, overall look & feel as well as the content. Here’s your take.

  • Play with Colors

Colors have a language, a powerful one!

Grab the attention of your target audience with vibrant colors. You may find trendy & cool flyer designs with bold color choices. For instance, bright red, neon accents, gradients & dark themes are trending.

You may also incorporate color play with fonts. Also, make sure to utilize the colors as per your target audience.

Bright & neon colors fit so well for kids. On the other hand, red & classic colors are great for telecom companies. Neon themes are mostly preferred by gyms & fitness centers.

  • Simple Flyers are Forever Favorites

Simplicity is an unbeatable masterpiece. You let your audience have direct thoughts on your flyer by choosing simple flyer designs. After all, it isn’t important to get overwhelmed by a lot of design elements in your current marketing strategy.

Your prospects are ready to consume the information you’re sharing with each pixel. That’s the beauty of cool flyer designs designed with simplicity. Just have your key message and implement it with graphics, illustrations, or content. You still got so many options with a simple design that you only discover upon settling with one.

The Bonus: you’re drawing users’ attention to stuff that matters.

  • CTA Inspiring Flyers

Tell your prospects to hit the call button, WhatsApp you for bookings, enroll for classes, or rush for inquiries as they receive your flyers. Well, it’s better said than done unless you have a high-spirit flyer design. Design your flyer surrounding this idea & it should be highlighted this way…

  • Make the Most Out of Holiday Season

Tis’ the season! It’s that time of the year when your corporate surroundings, as well as marketing ideas, are aligned. Tap into the seasonal marketing & host current events with a buzzing flyer design that’s just perfect.

Tell your audience that your products/services are most reliable and helpful this holiday season. Make them feel that you’re wanted with a transformational brand image gelled with the promotion theme.

  • Remember: Cutesy Flyers are Always Catchy

You never know the number of walk-ins or inquiries you can drive with adorable flyer designs. They’re the cool flyer designs that bring everyone in an ‘awe’ state. Meanwhile, it is a golden chance for you to feature your best work so that the cuteness feels realistic too.

This thought fits so well for bakers, photographers, the food business, and any niche associated with darling outcomes. You can still think about cutesy flyers even if your business has no relevance to such a theme. It works & you’ll be amazed how well!

  • Shift the Perspective

Traditional marketing patterns with flyers are okay. Unconventional ones are awesome! Sometimes, you only need to make an effort by thinking & things will fall into place. For example, your defined theme can be made iconic with a flip of an image or a unique representation of the header. Flyer designs can be made memorable with such little effort, you see!

Create such cool flyers with online flyer maker like PhotoADKing to stun your audience.

  • Let Photography be the Hero

Breathtaking images make for magnificent flyer designs. You can pick any simple flyer template and turn it into fantastic with HD images or stock photos online. The key is to have those pictures impressive, impactful & highly relevant to your promotion theme.

  • Vintage is Love

Some flyer designs never go out of fashion. And we think vintage flyer themes belong to this collection.

Whether you’re promoting a salon, library or basketball event, vintage flyers are ready to impress. How about bringing your old school cafeteria into the limelight with cool flyer designs in vintage theme?! Very cool!

  • Offer…Offer…Offer!

Congratulations! You’ve just unlocked the secret door to a customer’s heart. Give them a discount, a whopping one, and see them rushing to your doorsteps. Pulling a prospect’s heartstrings is a way easier by offering favorable discounts.

Highlight the offers on subscriptions, discounts on bulk purchases, early bird offers, and so on in the hero section of your flyer.

  • Make your Flyers a Fun Affair

Who says flyer marketing is a serious thing? Go ahead & make it a fun affair. It’s a unique approach, but make sure you’re good at it because it isn’t a cup of tea for all.

These flyers invite prospects with an important message relayed in a soft tone. In other words, adding a pun makes your flyer marketing an interesting affair. Believe it or not, if you make it successful then the target audience will remember it for years to come.

Add fun with graphics, illustrations, quotes, or anything that strikes your mind. Make sure it becomes the core theme of your flyer marketing campaign.

  • Break the Standard Size Barriers

Flyers don’t always come in A3 or A4 sizes. Also, they don’t necessarily be in bi-fold, Z-fold, or double-sided as most of us are used to seeing them in. Why don’t you break the barriers with cool flyer designs in refreshing themes that aren’t just other ones!

Extend your flyer dimensions to as much as your marketing strategy wants you to. Such extended versions work best when you have more information to share. And even if you have less content to show up with, your product catalog can be brought to the forefront.

  • Play with the Flyer Shapes

Flyers don’t mean to be boring. Design them in non-traditional shapes, cuts & sizes that become an instance of the creative mind you have.

The best of the flyers are those that can be repurposed or used by people outside considering them as promotional material. By this, we mean a beautiful wall-hanging flyer, sticker-note flyer, and similar ones that stay with your prospects longer than traditional designs.

  • Feature Your Best Products

Your flyer can become your single-page brochure, only if you’re talented enough to make it real. Showcase your best work or tell your target audience what you can do for them with cool flyer designs. Demonstrate the options they have with your business. Present your specialties like they’re out of the world & cherish the inquiries flowing in. You can capture a lot of prospects with this idea.

Add your best products/list your top services with this flyer theme. It fits well with fast food centers, bakeries, jewelry stores, fashion designers, makeup studios, and the list goes on.

  • Solve the Problem

A prospect will only like your flyer or business if you solve their problem. Everyone wants a solution, that’s it. This message should be reflected in bold and enlarged fonts to bring to their notice. For instance, ask a question as a headline of your flyer and make the rest of the flyer content a solution to the question. Try it & it will surely be a good take.

Have Similar Cool Designs with Flyers Templates in Minutes!

Do you have an incredible flyer idea in mind? Make them come true with cool flyer designs by online tools. It’s the best and easiest way to design flyers with minimum effort. You’ll have hundreds of the latest professional flyer templates predesigned. Just personalize them as per your requirements & they’re all set to score prospects.

Author’s Bio: Jignesh Kakadiya is the Digital Marketing Manager of PhotoADKing, a graphic design platform that aspires to help small businesses and startups minimize their marketing costs with graphic design templates. Jignesh loves to write on topics related to SaaS, growth hack, and conversion optimization strategies.

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