Falling Snow / Leaves Free WordPress Plugin

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CSS3 animations brought a whole new level of possibilities into the CSS world. I already made falling snow and leaves animations with CSS only and shared them on our website as tutorials. For the upcoming holiday season, I wanted to prepare a little bit more for our users. I decided to make a very simple WordPress plugin that would add snow (or leaves animation) to the background of your website. The animation is done with CSS only thus very lightweight.

Falling Snow / Leaves Free WordPress Plugin

You are not limited to the default snowflake icon as it can be anything you want. You can upload the image in Snow WordPress plugin admin panel where you also set how many iterations of the image should appear on the screen. I recommend a number smaller than 50, otherwise, your website can look to spammy.

Preview and Download

Please do check out the preview on one of our WordPress themes with a click on the button below.

Download Falling Snow / Leaves Free WordPress Plugin

Administration Panel

It’s very simple with just a few settings which are completely straight forward. Advertisement image should be about 300 x 300 px in size, but you can make it smaller or bigger if you need to. You can test the plugin for the upcoming Black Friday shopping spree as will we.

As you can see from the provided screenshot, there is another image that you can upload. This is a special addition to the plugin that came to mind while developing the original animation. It is sort of an advertisement that falls just like the other snowflakes. You can add a link to this image and this way you can present your special offers in special gift wraps that are falling in your website’s snow storm. 🙂

Upcoming Features

CSS3 animations can be very powerful and diverse and even animation of multiple objects is a piece of cake. I intend to add some more features to the plugin in the future, like statistics of how many users actually click on the banner so you can check it’s effectiveness. And the possibility to add more types of snowflakes so the animation is more random and feels more real.

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