Free Crypto WordPress Plugin: Bitcoin & CryptoCurrency Shortcodes

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Bitcoin and crypto industry is in full throttle and if you wish to add Bitcoin shortcodes and widgets in style we developed a free WordPress plugin that does just that. There is no need for you to build it from scratch anymore. When a powerful tool for creating and adding cryptocurrency widgets is available for free there is no hassle for you. Install it, try it and add charts, graphs, exchange rate tables, bitcoin payments and donations in no time.


We use this great plugin in our Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme, called Dinarcek. On its live preview, you can see how well it integrates into the theme and seamlessly add a lot of useful bitcoin and crypto tools.

Bitcoin WordPress Theme


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Exchange rates tables

Exchange rates tables for Bitcoin WordPress plugin

Used to display exchange rates for the selected currency. Simply set the main currency and all other currencies you wish to compare it to.

Shortcodes for examples in the live demo are:
[currencyprice currency1="eth" currency2="usd,btc,eur,gbp,ltc,aud,cad" feature="prices"]
[currencyprice currency1="btc" currency2="eth,btc,eur,gbp,ltc,aud,cad" feature="prices"]
[currencyprice currency1="lth" currency2="usd,btc,eur,gbp,eth,aud,cad" feature="prices"]

Compare charts

Compare charts for crypto WordPress plugin

These are used for a live view of how certain cryptocurrency value fluctuates through time. You can choose several time intervals like one day, month, year or even all the way from the start. It allows you to set only one or more currencies.

Shortcodes for examples in the live demo are:
[currencygraph_advance coins="LTC" compare="USD"]
[currencygraph_advance coins="LTC,VIB,ETH,NEBL" compare="BTC" time="1m"]

You will love the simplicity of usage.

Available options for this shortcode

Parameters for time attribution:

  • 1 Day = 1d
  • 1 Month = 1m
  • 3 Months = 3m
  • 1 Year = 1y
  • 5 Years  = 5y
  • MAX = max


Real-Time Graphs

Real-time graphs

You can display real-time graphs with the shortcode and you can also add them to widgets in the sidebar. You can set the intervals from 1 minute up to one month.

Shortcodes for examples in the live demo are:
[currencygraph_realtime coin="BTC" compare="USD" style="1" time="D"]
[currencygraph_realtime coin="BTC" compare="USD" style="2" time="3"]

Parameters for time attribution:

  • 1 Day = D
  • 1 Week = W
  • 1 minute = 1
  • 30 minute = 30
  • 1 hour  = 60
  • 2 hours = 120

Parameters for style attribute:

  • Bars = 0
  • Candles = 1
  • Line = 2
  • Area = 3
  • Line Break = 7


Modern tickers

You can display currencies in small real-time tickers and you can add it anywhere on your website.

Shortcodes for examples in the live demo are:
[currency_ticker coins="btcusd,ethusd,ltcusd,ethbtc"]

A new version of the Crypto ticker added:

[currency_ticker_3 coins="BTC,ETH,XMR,LTC,XPR,VIB,VIBE,NEBL,XRP,XVG,TRX,NEO" compare="EUR" position="auto" background="#dddddd"]

Available options for this shortcode:


For position attribute:

  1. auto = inline style
  2.  fixed-bottom – = bottom position
  3.  fixed-top – top position

For background attribute:

  1. background color in format #ffffff


You can also send payments in bitcoins. Price can be set in the shortcode. We used $5 in our example.

Shortcodes for examples in the live demo are:

[cryptopayment item="Buy me a beer :)" amount="5 USD"]

Download The Free Crypto Plugin


For support please contact us via the contact form. You can always count on our helpful staff to offer you assistance and guidance to successfully launch your bitcoin website. Whenever you face a barrier, hit us up and together we will solve any issue you may have.

Help your cryptocurrency project reach for the stars with our free cryptocurrency & Bitcoin WordPress plugin. Add beautiful shortcodes anywhere on your website.


Version 1.5

  • Fixed issues with tickers
  • Fixed style issues in tickers
  • Fixed PHP error with calling wrong script
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