Freebie: jQuery Falling Leaves

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Today’s freebie is a jQuery powered falling leaves animation. Autumn is at our doorstep and with our animation you can add falling leaves to your website. It is meant to be a fullscreen animation of leaves that fall from the top of your site to the bottom. You have three types of leaves available which can be seen in a preview. You can easily replace the leaf by adding it to javascript file which is well documented. You can change many parameters of animation within javascript file like type of leaf, rotation speed, falling speed, number of leaves, size of leaves and fps.



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Download Freebie: jQuery Falling Leaves (8807)


Flash falling leaves


  • jQuery files
  • HTML files
  • AI files (leaves)
  • jpg and png images


Modifying JS (menu.js) file:

  • Gravitation – parameter speedC defines the falling speed of leaves. Increase this number to increase speed of fall.
  • Rotation – parameter rotation defines how much each leaf rotates, rotation is calculated with speed of fall to achieve realistic effect of rotation.
  • Rotation (true or false) – parameter rotationTrue defines whether rotation is applied or not, 1 means rotation is active, 0 means rotation is inactive.
  • Number of leaves – parameter numberOfLeaves defines how many leaves appear on stage. Set the number to anything you would like.
  • Size of leaves – parameter size defines the general size of leaves. Final size is then generated randomly to achieve a more realistic effect (same as speed and rotation).
  • Type of leaf – parameter typeOfLeaf defines which type of leaf will appear. You have 4 possibilities: 0 – type 1, 1- type 2, 2 – type3, 3 – all types combined.
  • FPS – parameter that defines fps used, simply increase or decrease number to get the desired fps.

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Download Freebie: jQuery Falling Leaves (8807)
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