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Best Gaming Affiliate WordPress Themes 2020

If you are familiar with the online gaming market, you know that this is an especially competitive and lucrative niche. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you have to build a well-performing and integrated website. If you are a beginner, you might consider developing this site without spending much time and money on hiring programmers and designers.

For a start, consider getting a functional, integrated WordPress theme with features and elements that fit your target audience.

Other than design, you will also have to provide quality content for your website. If you are familiar with the industry you will probably be able to collect the content yourself, and enjoy the process.

Good ideas for creating content could be covering an upcoming event and following topics around news and players. One particular niche of the online gaming industry has also proven to be a rather popular theme for affiliate sites and that is game reviews. Have a look at this  online slots selection and you might get inspiration for a similar site in a different niche.

There are few popular examples of templates on the market that went above and beyond to make their themes responsive and professional. We selected the top three WordPress templates regarding this gaming-related theme.

1. VegasHero

This theme fits perfectly for an online affiliate site.  A very handy feature that this theme offers is the WordPress Review plug-in integration that allows you to add star ratings and review details. This makes posting review articles about games a very easy task. Listing video game providers in a table is a great way of presenting various choices and offers to visitors. Also, providing an easy to scan format similar to leaderboards is something that makes the gaming experience very comfortable.

VegasHero offers integration with specific import plug-ins which allow you to create a section of demo games. Offering free to play games increases on-site engagement and makes some of your important SEO metrics to work in your favor, such as prolonged time spent and reduced bounce rate.




2. Mercury

This theme offers different sections for featuring video gaming brands and their and offers. The design of this template is very polished, and the content is presented in a news magazine type of layout. The bonuses template allows enough space for details and special offers, terms and call to action as well.

However, the game section does not allow demo playing, only an image and external link to the game, which is pretty shortcoming. On the game review posts, review criteria and star ratings are shown in the left sidebar that highlights the call to action buttons. Since the sidebar is “sticky”, they are always shown when scrolling to the bottom of the page, which is a nice touch.




3. Poka Theme V2

Perhaps not as versatile as the other offered themes, but certainly with the most minimal and clean design. A simple rating system is available for the posted content. There is a post type for games, and the review post template allows a highlighted overview, pros and cons and screenshot section. You can add a table of offers and links with a simple shortcode.

What makes this theme a good choice is the multiple review page styles and category page templates. If you are at the very beginning of your affiliate marketing strategy process, this theme will work out very naturally.




This quick overview of WordPress themes will definitely be helpful in the process of considering the perfect template for your gaming affiliate website. They are promising enough to provide you with a good number of potential loyal leads. It is up to you to think about the execution process and start working on it.

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