INFOGRAPHIC: 28 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress

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If you’ve ever tried to build a website on your own or at least thought about doing it, you’ve most likely come across WordPress. The most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world is used by millions of clients across different industries, including a number of notable brands, companies, celebrities, and media outlets.

With a market share of 59.3% and a diverse list of famous clients that include Samsung, Coca-Cola, Jay-Z, and The New York Times, WordPress is far ahead of its competitors the likes of Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Blogger.

Read along to learn more about what it is that makes WordPress the king of CMS and don’t miss the infographic below with 28 facts you probably didn’t know about WordPress.


The Unstoppable Popularity of WordPress

We all know that WordPress is pretty popular, but how many of you knew that WordPress powers over 17 million websites?

The number of WordPress users is constantly growing and each month, 69.8 million new posts are published on WordPress-based blogs and websites. This means that more than 542 million words are written in WordPress every single day!

The number of page views across blogs on is also on the steady rise. In 2013, there were 11.2 billion pageviews on WordPress blogs. That number grew to 15.8 billion in 2014, only to reach 19.8 billion in 2015.


Profitability of WordPress Themes

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is its generous offer of thousands of free themes and plugins. Developing and selling premium themes, however, is still a highly profitable business.

According to WordPress theme marketplace ThemeForest, 50% of WordPress themes make at least $1,000 a month, 25% of themes bring in $2,500 per month, 15% make $5,000 each month, 7% earn as much as $7,500, while 5% of WordPress themes make $10,000 per month.


28 Little Known Facts about WordPress

Check out this highly informative graphic from to learn a more amazing fact about WordPress, including the names of WordPress-affiliated companies, top celebrity users of WordPress, infamous security breaches, yearly salaries of CMS developers in the US, and plenty more.

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