MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Review: An Honest Assessment

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Are you planning to opt for MilesWeb to host your website built in WordPress? In this post, we’ll share an overview of their WordPress hosting plan and some thoughts about this leading web hosting provider.

This web hosting provider is well-known for offering cheap pricing. Cheap doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise with the security or uptime of your website. Keeping all these essential factors for the website into consideration, they still offer the lowest prices as compared to other providers.

Don’t believe? That’s why we’ve put together a complete review of MilesWeb. In this article, we’ll cover its features, its prices, the performance and the support provided by them at the time when the technical error occurs. Let’s begin with the introduction first.

A Little About MilesWeb

Back in 2012, MilesWeb was founded by three folks that have vast knowledge and experience in the web hosting industry.

The company was started to serve every small business owner with an effective web hosting solution at inexpensive prices.

Their key strength lies in their support team that is a group of people having immense knowledge and expertise about Windows and Linux platforms, its administration, cPanel, Plesk control panels, virtualization technology, website migration and more.

MilesWeb offers huge web hosting plans for almost all types of websites. Say for example, you have a basic website then their shared hosting plan would be sufficient. If you have a large eCommerce website, they have a business hosting plan powered by AWS. If you want to resell their web hosting services, you can opt for their reseller hosting plan. Likewise, they have a plan for any given requirement. Their other services include: Dedicated server, VPS server, email hosting, Magento hosting, cPanel hosting, unlimited hosting, eCommerce hosting, Cloud hosting, managed DigitalOcean cloud, managed AWS cloud, SSL certificate, SpamExperts, Gsuite, Office 365, etc.

MilesWeb is the sponsor of the biggest WordPress community-organized conference- WordCamp. They engage in every event held in different cities of India. A large number of WordPress users/ developers come together for this conference where they get to network and socialize, attend workshops, participate in presentations and more.

If you are new to web hosting, here’s a quick introduction video to know what all you’ll need for building your web presence:


Reasons to choose MilesWeb WordPress Hosting


For them, their customers are their top-most priority. They offer 24/7/365 support via live chat and email. Yes right, their support team never sleeps. There are no chatbots to answer your queries. Real- humans actually sit and interact with you all round the clock. Additionally, they have huge knowledgebase, forums and blogs for those who want to gain some extra learning. Not only does their team help you resolve your queries but also advises some best practices to boost your website performance.

Highly Reliable

No web hosting provider can give you 100% uptime. It’s practically not possible to keep away from some unavoidable circumstances such as floods, earthquakes, storms, etc. or not perform server maintenance. A few seconds downtime is considerable. To provide maximum availability for your site, MilesWeb guarantees an uptime of 99.95% with the help of its Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers.


Although they promise to deliver the best web hosting services, they also understand that due to any reason, you may not want to continue with their services. Therefore, MilesWeb lets you try their services risk-free for 30 days. They have a 30-day no questions asked money-back policy.

How Much Will The WordPress Hosting Plan Cost?

MilesWeb offers three different plans for their WordPress hosting: Ace, Heart, and Diamond.

Their Ace is a starter plan and it costs you Rs.138 per month, Heart plan at Rs.420 per month and Diamond plan at Rs.980 per month. They currently offer a 50% discount on all these plans and to avail of this discount apply this coupon code: WP50.

After applying the discount coupon code, the price of these plans cuts down to:

Ace: Rs.69 per month, Heart: Rs.210 per month. Diamond: 490 per month.

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Key Features of MilesWeb WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans are widely popular for these features that it offers:

Ready to use WordPress Platform

When hosting a website on the MilesWeb WordPress hosting server, you don’t have to begin from zero. You get a readymade WordPress platform to host your website. This saves you valuable time to download and install WordPress on the server.

No Need to Take WordPress Updates Manually

You remain to worry less about WordPress updates when hosted your website with MilesWeb. All the updates will automatically be installed on your WordPress platform. The version of your WordPress or the themes /plugins will be updated automatically.

Type of Storage

MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan comes integrated with SSD storage. An SSD drive is much faster and better than a traditional hard drive. It serves 200x faster performance for your website when hosted your site on a server that has SSD storage. The HDD drives used the spinning mechanism and thus it is known as “spinning rust” drives. While the SSD drive uses flash memory mechanism to store the data and also known as flash drives.

Website Security

Having an SSL certificate is a necessity for any website. It not only helps you in ranking but also in gaining the trust of your visitors. With an SSL certificate, all the information on the website that is transferred between the web browser and the server is encrypted and remains safe. MilesWeb offers an SSL certificate for free to protect your website’s data. They have an inbuilt SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt with all their web hosting plans and also with WordPress hosting plans.

Save Yourself From Disaster Management

Losing your website files is no less than a nightmare. Even if you lose the data from your local machine, they will have a copy of your website. With their automatic daily cloud backups feature, get backup for your website files, folders, and databases. Their cloud software monitors all the changes made on your website on a daily basis and takes backup every 24 hours.

Some Techie WordPress Specifications

Server-side Optimizations

MilesWeb servers are configured with the best specifications that help in boosting the performance of your WordPress website. Caching, gzip compression, Cloudflare Railgun, CDN are some advanced features that are integrated with MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans that improve the speed of your WordPress website.

SFTP Access

Securely transfer files from your local machine to the server with SFTP. Unlike FTP, the file transfer in SFTP is secured or encrypted. Additionally, SFTP access lets you manage files remotely, list remote directory, restart the interrupted file transfers, delete remote files and more. With MilesWeb, you get access to all these features with its built-in SFTP access.


WP-CLI is a powerful tool that is used in interacting with your site using a command-line interface. The advanced commands like wp-profile and wp-doctor are supported by MilesWeb WordPress hosting plans.

What Others Are Saying About MilesWeb WordPress Hosting

See what their users are saying about their experience with MilesWeb WordPress hosting. Here is a collection of their reviews that we’ve got from HostAdvice.

Who Are Their Customers?

A lot of companies are moving to MilesWeb. Some of the big names are ETMoney, rankingCoach, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Dabur and more.

Ratings From Some Popular Review Websites:

They have their presence on almost all of the review websites so that their customers can share their feedback using different modes.

Below is their average rating from all those reputed review websites:

MilesWeb Awards and Recommendations:

Their web hosting is exceptional and it is reflected by the various awards they have received over the past years. Customers always praise them for their pre and post-sales service, reliability and cost-effective range of web hosting solutions. Check the below screenshot to see the awards they have received.

In Summing Up

MilesWeb offers excellent WordPress hosting plans at a great price. Their exceptional features for WordPress hosting ensure that your website is secure, always fast and up all the time.

Just at the cost of a burger, you get managed WordPress plans such as CDN, SSL, SSD storage, Caching, GZIP/Brotli Compression, WP-CLI, Cloudflare Railgun, Automatic WordPress updates and more that save you many headaches and precious hours.

If you are looking to buy, cost-effective and feature-rich managed WordPress hosting, then MilesWeb is a great choice. Also, there lies no risk in trying out their services as they are really confident about their hosting that they offer a 30day refund policy.

Opt-in for MilesWeb WordPress hosting today and you won’t regret your decision. Moreover, you can take benefit from their amazing features and get more time to enhance your website.

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