October’s freebies from across Envato Market

These items are October’s freebies from across Envato Market. You just need to sign in and they are yours to use.


Event Tickets Template


Customising these tickets will be a smooth ride, because they were designed with every level of user in mind. But if you still can’t do it, don’t worry. There’s this enjoyable help file waiting for you to open.


 Thermometer Goal Meter (XML)



Simple XML-driven thermometer that shows how close you are to your goal. Great for fund raising or donations, or any other goal you’re trying to meet. You can set the goal amount, the current amount and the sub goal amounts on the right all in the xml. You don’t even need to open your Flash file!


BEHEMOTH: Reshape Your Personal WordPress Blog


BEHEMOTH was designed to give bloggers of all types an environment which would better display and highlight their content; with the use of full-page backgrounds and bold type, your actual content becomes a significant part of the overall design.


Animated Letters – Oswald Gravity Package


This project file allows you to make a cool title animation. Falling letters hit the ground and bounce a little after impact. We included 79 different characters using the Oswald font and gravity. You can type in your text and use the “Animated Letters” script file to automatically insert the characters in correct positions. For final render you can create your own look or choose one from our 11 compositions. Fast workflow, quick rendering, awesome look.


Valse Macabre


The waltz rhythm played by the string orchestra, the enigmatic sound of the clarinet, the opera soprano voice which appears doubling the clarinet and even the music box sound which seems childish at the beginning but adds to the tension and mystery of the whole piece. A track which brings suspense and unpredictable to your project.


Low poly zombie hands set


This is a zombie hand set. All models are low poly and hand painted texture at 1024pixel.


Twitter Timeline Slider for WordPress


This plugin give an opportunity for the visitors to Follow you or Reply, Retweet and mark as Favorite your tweets through your own website. When someone retweet, reply or mark as Favorite your tweet, that will display for the other users and they can easily follow you and visit your website. With this trick, you can get much more visitors and followers, therefore your website traffic can be increased much more. You can lock the screen and set up a timer or you can allow for the users to close the slider. If you don’t allow to close the slider, it still opened until the visitor reply or retweet any of your tweets. More followers, retweets, more visibility on Twitter, much more audience.


Dark Bubble


The blue dark bubbles on black background.


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