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WordPress Page Builder: Use It Or Not?

The flood of WordPress websites clearly indicates the enormous popularity of this CMS site editing system.

According to the latest data, almost 20 million websites live on this platform, or about 35% of all websites on the Internet.

Yes, that’s more than one-third of the entire web!

You no longer have to be a programmer and graphic designer to set up your own website. Not just that, but you do not have to spend thousands of euros (or USD) on a website either.

How convenient, right?

One of the key elements in this story is definitely the so-called Page Builder. It makes page editing much more accessible for inexperienced users.

You can now set up a simple web page with just a few clicks.

There is a lot of different WordPress page builders on the market. The best thing you can do is to choose one from the list of the most popular page builders.

Why is that?

It is straightforward; because a well-liked WordPress page builder will get regular updates and also comes with professional support.

The most popular WordPress page builders are:

Visual Composer page builder


Visual composer page builder

Visual Composer is absolutely the most popular page builder. It comes with a lot of futures and a lot of additional plugins available to buy. In our opinion, it is a great builder but not the fastest one.

Visual composer comes also in a free version to try it. Payable version prices start from $59 for one site to $349 for the developer package.

Fun fact: Visual Composer is, in fact, WPBakery page builder, whoever, you can still use it under the original name.


WPBakery page builder


WPBakery page builder

WPBakery page builder is the second most popular page builder. WPBakery page builder comes with front- and back-end editor and a lot of futures and useful plugins.

There is also available skin builder, template library, you name it.

WPBakery WordPress page builder only comes in payable version. The price for one site license is $49 and for developer license $249.

In our opinion, this is the best page builder you can use for your WordPress site. It has a lot of futures and, of course, a convenient drag and drop front and back editor.

The WPBakery page builder also doesn’t significantly affect your website page load. WPBakery page builder is indeed fully compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin, too.

You can use the WPBakery page builder with all of our Blog WordPress themes.

In this day and age, you can use a lot of predesigned WordPress themes, so you really don’t need a programmer for simple WordPress websites.

All you have to do is buy a nice graphic template, install it on the hosting package, and we can get started. As simple as it sounds.

However, pretty much everyone would like to make additional edits and improvements to the default look of the theme. In this case, at least basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is welcome for smooth execution.

If you need help with setting up your site WordPress theme and demo content, we can help you with that.

We are offering different WordPress services and one of them is also a demo content install.

Moreover, if you don’t like some of the elements on your website or you wish to add some additional functionality, you can hire us for custom WordPress work.

What are the benefits of a Page Builder?


The main advantage of Page Builder is its ease of use. It is the drag and drop system that proves to be a simple web site layout system.

We can add rows and columns, drag photos, galleries, videos, text blocks, titles, CTA buttons, well, the list of options is pretty much endless.

These blocks are then reasonably easy to edit or fill with content.

It only takes a few clicks, the addition of text or other content, and the site is slowly getting its final look.

Without a dash of programming!

Everything is presented beautifully with clear icons and a description of what we can create with a particular block.

PremiumCoding WordPress Themes

What about the disadvantages of Page Builder?


Unfortunately, not everything is as beautiful as it sounds.

Problems may arise when you may decide to stop using Page Builder for some reason and turn it off.

This can also cause your site to crash.

Especially if you use so-called “shortcodes” when building a web page with a Page Builder. You can expect large holes to pop up at one time.

However, this does not apply to all Page Builders, so we advise you to go into detail about the one you want to use on your site beforehand.

Help forums are available for users to discuss with each other about the uses, strengths, and weaknesses of Page Builders.

Page Builder can also slow down page load.

SEO specialists can tell that they’ve had quite a few headaches along the way. Some builders add quite a bit of code to the code of the webpage itself, which can affect the load speed of the webpage.

Since Google hates slow pages (the same as users), such sites rank worse on SERPs.

However, there is a trick on how you can speed up your site and reduce page load.

One of them is a performance setting for your site and the other one is CDN (content delivery network) for your website.


Content delivery network

There is not a simple answer to use or not to use a WordPress page builder.

If you are a blogger and you don’t need complex content, then we suggest you avoid using a page builder.

On the other hand, if you are building the website for your company, then we suggest you take one of the blog themes, which usually have really great performance and upgrade it with WordPress page builder.

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