Positionstack Supports Forward & Reverse Geocoding

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If you are ready to take geocoding to a whole different level, you better not miss checking out Positionstack. Or, if you are just starting out a fresh project or application, get things moving forward with the right set of tools.

What’s unique about Positionstack is the fantastic and swift forward and reverse geocoding it offers. On top of that, it also supports batch requests, embeddable maps and multiple languages.

If you happen to be entirely new to forward and reverse geocoding, let’s get it cleared out first. However, it is nothing complicated, so you will get the gist of it immediately.

Forward geocoding

When speaking about forward geocoding, it’s when you write down a specific location, like London’s Big Bang. It is in plain text format, nothing fancy and whatnot. The API will then display the place and all the other info and details that come along.

Reverse geocoding

As for reverse geocoding, it is the process of stating the exact location of the place. We are speaking about providing latitude and longitude.

That’s that! I know, right, nothing advanced.

When all is done right, Positionstack then provides all the necessary information and data that benefit the user.

To get the hype going strong, Positionstack is a powerful software that supports well over two billion locations around the world. In addition to that, it processes over one billion requests daily.

Yes, there are a ton of users around the world who benefit from this great solution. And you can now become part of the tribe, too. Not just that, you can get things going forward free of charge.

Whether you are starting something fresh or you are already an established name in the industry, Positionstack handles nearly any volume of requests on a daily basis.

The tool is no joke.

With the geocoding API, you can quickly start with the free plan and only upgrade once needed. Keep in mind, with the free plan, you do not get stuff like embeddable maps and HTTPS encryption, to name a few.

Moreover, there are also three flat-rate premium plans and an enterprise plan that offers fully customizable settings. In short, you can tailor Positionstack to your exact needs.

positionstack forward reverse geocoding api

For a clearer picture, the free plan supports 25,000 requests, while the first premium plan ($9.99 per month) handles one hundred thousand requests. Also, the free plan comes with a personal license while all the rest offer a commercial one.

Of course, all the geo data that Positionstack presents is in real-time. It looks up location, timezone, country and all the other different bits and pieces. Besides, response times are anywhere between 10 and 100 ms. For millions, heck, billions of requests, that is exceptionally fast. Furthermore, the API’s uptime is close to 100% (to be more exact, it’s 99.9%).

Last but clearly not least, once you reach 75%, 90% and 100% of the allowed monthly requests per plan, Positionstack will send you a notification. Moreover, you can exceed a maximum of 20%. But if it goes beyond, the API will be disabled automatically. Indeed, you can get in touch with the team to upgrade at any time.

For a forward and reverse geocoding API, you better not miss considering the powerful Positionstack.

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