10 Powerful Link Building Techniques in SEO

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Link Building plays a prominent role in the SEO success and to attain better ranking & visibility in the search engine it is of great significance. However, digital marketers who have not adapted themselves to the ever changing link building updates find it dated.

Statement that Link Building has no relevance in the present SEO is a myth. Google keeps on launching updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and so on to refine the way of search rankings that are free from web spam. As a result, Google has stopped traditional link building techniques such as bookmarking, article submissions and web directories but there are other link building techniques that you can implement. Thus, Google cares about backlinks, so you cannot afford to overlook it. Without earning quality backlinks for your site it is not possible to enjoy a higher ranking in the search engine results. And this can be proved in our branch as well. Keyword “WordPress Themes” is very competitive and only websites with the highest domain authority are on the first page. And DA is directly affected by the number of quality backlinks. Sarah Walters, Marketing Manager who formed The Whit Group also notes that the importance of links to SEO shows clearly how DA works, even if the exact algorithm isn’t known. In general, the more links a website has (to and from), the better. But the authority of the linking site is important also. To really boost your DA, you’ll need links of high quality and in good quantity.”


Benefits of Link Building

Link building as the name implies is the process of getting links to your site from quality sites, high authority sites, and related sites. The quality and diversity of links play an important role in higher search engine ranking.


Let’s take a look at some Key Benefits of Link Building:

Building Domain & Page Authority – Well mighty Google works like a machine and when it comes to determining which pages to rank for any relevant query, the quality, and quantity of inbound links to the specific web page, is the main consideration. Thus, to rank in organic search rankings, links play a dominant role.

To Drive Reference Traffic – Through link building, you will drive a lot of referral traffic to your site besides receiving traffic from other websites linked to you.

Getting Indexed in Search Results – Link building also helps your site in getting indexed in search engine rankings in a quick way.

Building Brand Authority – When you consistently publish and share high-quality content that is relevant to your niche, gradually your site gets admired as a valuable resource. Thus, it helps you in gaining brand visibility and later building brand authority.

Investment lasts forever – When you compare link building with other marketing tactics such as paid ads, you will realize link building keeps giving you the result as long as the link remains active.


Golden Link Rule

Effective link building is not about getting unlimited links by unnatural ways rather it is about getting relevant links from authoritative and reliable sites. Of course, the quantity of links do matter but you need to play by the search engine rules and as per that quality links from a high authoritative site is better than hundreds of links from lesser known or less credible sites. So, to keep your link building game strong emphasis on getting quality backlinks.


10 link building techniques that you can use right away to enjoy a higher ranking in the Google search results


1. Broken Link Building

As the name implies, under the technique you need to run the research to find the pages with broken links to your business using tools like Check My Link or Broken Link Checker Plug-in. Once you have compiled a list of broken links, you need to reach out page owners with your list of broken links that need to be fixed. You can mark an email to the webmaster with a suggestion to replace the broken link with useful resources on your website. As you have done a favor by notifying them about this SEO problem, chances are they will link to you.

Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin


2. Creating Link Worthy Content

I know you have probably heard it million times, content marketing is of great significance when it comes to search engine ranking. However, content game on the internet is overly crowded with 27 million pieces of content being shared every day. To get noticed in this competitive space, you need to create content that is informative, discoverable and shareable. How to Articles, Step by Step Guide and Listicles relevant to your niche are some of the examples of quality content that can help you in drawing a large no. of links from external sources. So, start creating and sharing some pillar posts to garner a large no. of links.


3. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing recently started gaining ground and has emerged as an effective marketing channel for brands. In simple words, influencer marketing is a new form of word-of-mouth marketing. Under this technique, you need to partner up with popular bloggers, and social media influencers to talk about your products, services or brand either on their blog or social media handles. For example, if your content piece is short then Twitter is best for short contents, whereas Linkedin is best for handling long and well-researched articles.

The best way is, to connect with the top bloggers in your industry and ask them to do a review of your product/service, it is a good way to get backlinks, moreover, it would help you in creating awareness about your product and services among your target audience.


4. Turn Mentions into Backlinks

If you know sites that have mentioned your company’s brand name or products on their blog or website and have not provided you in backlinks in return then you should ask them to give you a link mentioning your brand or products. There are tools available such as ‘Google Alerts’ or ‘Mention’ that will help you find sites that have mentioned your name across the internet and then reach them to provide backlinks.


5. Linking to Expert or Authoritative Site

Another important technique is linking to an expert or authoritative sites to get some link juice. Besides, linking your own content or graphic design, you can also link top performing content of authoritative and expert sites. This helps you a lot as you are linking your content piece to sites that already enjoy an established authority in your niche.

However, when linking do not forget to use the rel=’no follow’ tag, with this you can prevent the link juice from passing to the external site.


6. Participation in Forums & Blog posts Comments

You can participate in any active discussion on forums and blog posts that are relevant to your business. You can add a relevant link in your comments as long as it provides contextual value to the discussion. However, refrain from overdoing this by using commercial keywords in your anchor texts.

Another technique is you can closely monitor Question & Answer sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers, and pick any interesting question that is relevant to your niche. Now compose a detailed blog in response to the question and publish it. You need to also compose a summary of that blog that you will post on the Q & A site in response to the chosen question. Don’t forget to include a link to a detailed blog post that you have published. This technique will not only give a backlink to your blog post but a steady stream of traffic to your website.


7. How about creating something fun for linking

Well, it is not necessary that you need to create high-quality content or resources always to earn links, you can get links by creating something fun also. Here is an excellent example of same.

For Example- Blue Fountain Media (a New York based digital marketing agency), came up with a fresh and engaging idea to earn links. The company implemented a playable version of the popular Pac-Man game on their website’s 404 page. Visitors who landed on 404 page, were taken by surprise and they loved the concept so much that majority of them ended up hyperlinking to the site. Because of this site managed to earn 50 additional links. Interesting isn’t it?


8. Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking popularly known as link exchange is a great technique of earning backlinks, however, if done unnaturally can do more harm than good to your site. Under this link building technique, there is a mutual agreement between two webmasters to provide a hyperlink to their own site to each other’s website. As long as your links are relevant to the context, it serves as a great link builder and authority builder.

  Picture Source: SEOpressor


9. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an effective technique of link building but let me emphasize here natural guest blogging helps you climb up the Google ladder quickly but when you spam it for passing link juice, in the long run, it may hurt your search engine rankings. Do your research on top bloggers in your niche and make an effort to reach out to them. You can explain them via email that you are interested in writing a guest blog post for their site in return for an inbound link. Most of the blog owners are happy to link back to you in exchange of a quality content. When you send them a blog post, you can include 1 or 2 links to the web pages you want to drive traffic. This technique helps sites in gaining some great inbound links.

10. Submit to CSS Galleries

This may not be viable for everyone but if you have just finished with the brand new design of your website you can submit it to CSS Galleries. Some of them even have do-follow links. I wrote a post about how we leverage CSS Galleries for our WordPress Themes and gain both traffic and good backlinks a while ago, so do give it a read for a more detailed guide.

Example– Here is a case study of Silvio (CEO and Founder, Mob.is.it), a company that helps professionals build mobile websites and native apps. Silvio was struggling with traffic on his website and for this, he rolled out a guest blogging campaign.

Picture Source: Ahrefs

Within a period of 5 months, Silvio published 44 guest blogs on 41 different blogs and as a result, his website experienced 20% boost in the search traffic.

Final Say:

Based on the above link building techniques, you can build a high-quality linking strategy for your business. The more time and effort you invest in the quality of your link building campaign, better are your chances of success in the organic search results. So, implement these powerful link building techniques and get far ahead of your competition.

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