Reason Behind High Bounce Rate on Ecommerce Websites

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First of all What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is the percentage of crawler visiting your ECommerce website and leaving it without spending more time on your website. A measure of the effectiveness of a website in making visitors continue with their crawling on the website. An Ecommerce website is generally a professional Magento Development Company, but it tends to have high bounce rates due to various reasons, caused due to poor ecommerce development. There are a number of factors responsible for high bounce rate. In order to reduce the bounce rate, one must know the most effective methods of Magento development while developing the ecommerce website. Crawlers leave your website soon after reaching, due to many reasons, let us discuss some of them:


Slow Websites Never Wins The Race

People these days don’t have patience, they tend to close the website after waiting for 4 seconds. Hence page load speed is one of the most important factors affecting the bounce rate. It is even included in Google’s ranking algorithm. Your ecommerce website should be developed in such a way that even if it is listing out all the products, it should not take more than 5 seconds at most. Therefore, put the images that of are relevant size. Lower website speed is caused by many reasons like oversized images, which can’t be easily downloaded, usage of too many images, which can cause too many requests during each load page, use of custom fonts which are downloaded even before anyone can read the page and much more. It is also necessary to update your ecommerce platform periodically. To improve the bounce rate of an e-commerce website, these factors should be kept in mind while developing the website through Magento development.


Quality of Content Always Matter

An e-commerce website generally contains very less area where content can be displayed (Product details, About us) and even if the content in this area is not a quality, the visitor won’t be able to understand and if this happens, the user will not continue with the page of the website. Another important thing is to put content in its appropriate section so that the visitor do not get misguided. While developing the e-commerce website with Magento development, it should be kept in mind that the content must not contain any kind of spell errors or grammatical errors. If your website contains the content which is poorly written and its the thing which your Headings and subheadings are the sections which can be easily spotted by the reader, it should be fascinating and should appeal the visitor to go ahead with the page.


Website Design can Create a Great Impact

You might have found in several e-commerce websites that it displays innumerable pop-ups consisting of sign up form, which may irritate the user and encourages him to leave the page as early as possible. Even in some of the websites, sign up form requires various unnecessary information like DOB, Educational Information and what not! Who will like to fill all these things before shopping anything? Then comes the homepage or the page with products of the website. In this, if the products are not displayed properly or the design is ugly, it can have a higher impact on sending the visitors back. An obnoxious design does not mean the colours used are not appealing, but if a website has an attractive design, it can be a hit even if it is made with black and white colours. An e-commerce development can lack in a responsive website design when made with Magento development, which can also create a huge impact on the users.


Incorrect Implementation May Lead to High Bounce Rate

You might have seen some other e-commerce website with lower bounce rates and tried to make something similar. But you might have implemented it in incorrect ways while developing it with Magento development. Incorrect implementation can lead to poor Google rankings, which can indirectly impact the bounce rates. While e-commerce development, the steps of Magento development are to be kept in mind which can be mistaken easily if you have not remained careful while development, it can affect in Google rankings of your website.


User Behaviour & User Experience of the Website

Sometimes, the behaviour of the user visiting your website can also affect your bounce rates, if a user bookmarks your website but leaves your website directly after visiting, it can affect the bounce rate of the website. User behaviour can be an effective aspect to many ecommerce websites as well as any other website.

A website is many times tested on its user experience, especially when it is an ecommerce website, it must be user-friendly in order to generate maximum sales. An e-commerce business development is totally depended on its website to generate sales, hence the website should be user-friendly which would make the visitors to stay back and give them a chance to look over the entire collection of the website. Along with an exotic collection, the website should have the details of the products which make user understand about the products which they are buying.


Inappropriate Title Tag or Meta Description can Mislead the Visitor

If the content of your title tag or meta description is not relevant according to the content of the URL, the visitor may visit your page thinking about the one thing and then leave immediately if they find something else, other than the meta description. For an instance, if a particular URL of an online cloth store contains dresses for women and its meta description or title tag explains something else, the visitor is never gonna visit the women’s clothing page. Or else if the meta description is about children wear for the page having women’s wear, it is obvious that the user will leave the page instantly after visiting the page. These are certain things that should be taken care of while e-commerce development.


Take care of these things while creating an ecommerce website and drive maximum traffic to your website. Also, help your website to reduce the bounce rate which would help them generate more sales.


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This article is written by Harshal Shah, CEO & Founder of Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd., a global IT consulting firm with expertise in delivering IT solutions on Web, Mobile and Cloud. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.

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