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What Is Sagenda?

Sagenda is a free booking plugin available on WordPress since mid-2014. As a software developed by Iteration, a Swiss-based startup, this plugin works a one-size-fits-all integrated system addressing needs met in multiple industries. Business owners can use it for accommodation booking, event reservation or medical appointment scheduling.


What Does It Do?

Since integration is the name of the game, this plugin review looks into how Sagenda manages to unite clients and businesses alike. While clients have the opportunity to make reservations, book or even rent a room, a concert, a medical appointment directly on the frontend, business managers get to define their service and its availability towards potential customers. The plugin markets itself as a time-saving tool which aims at improving customer communications and business growth reducing no-shows and losses.


How Does It Work on WordPress?

Installing Sagenda on your WordPress site is pretty user-friendly as the plugin is compatible with up to 4.1 WordPress versions. Once you download Sagenda-Free Booking Plugin into your plugin folder, all you need to do is register an account on Sagenda, and authenticate yourself. Then, use the authentication code into your WordPress settings, and you’re good to go!

Depending on the business you are running (B&B, hostel, ski rentals or medical office), you get to use the backend dashboard in order to define the services you are offering (i.e. “bookable items”) as well as its availability (i.e. “events). The user gets to create as many bookable items and events as needed. Events may be a one-off or a recurrent service based on subscriptions.

The advantage offered by Sagenda as compared to other similar booking plugins is the opportunity to define multiple bookings (events) offered recurrently to multiple users. Say, for instance that you are organizing a concert, and you want to allow a person to buy tickets for the entire group of friends in one go! Likewise, a person may operate group reservations for as many people as possible on a recurrent basis. Saves time and improves organization!


What Makes It Popular Already?

Even though Sagenda has only been released in 2014, the WordPress Plugin Directory already indicates that it’s rising in popularity with constant downloads from the user community. Free to use, for now the plugin offers limited customization in terms of frontend color management; however, its module center will soon include extra features such as booking payments via PayPal. The last update in the Plugin Directory was made a month ago which points that the developer team is working on extending customization.


Does Sagenda Offer Technical Support?

It sure does! Technical support is offered by the developers of Iteration either on WordPress or from your own Sagenda account. This is great since the user has the “Write to Us” form directly in his backend dashboard, and may notify or ask for support at all times. What if you need extra support in understanding the process? Simple, just hover your mouse over the question mark icons, and you’ll get small pop-up texts. Not enough? Click on the “read our manual” links at the bottom of the page so that you get a full understanding of the booking features.



Is Sagenda worth it as a booking plugin? Yes, it is. The plugin leverages its integrated approach by streamlining the booking, reservation and appointment processes for multiple users and services. It saves time, improves communication, and keeps your business out of trouble.

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