Why SEO can be very profitable

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a massive sub industry within Internet Marketing.  It seems everywhere that you turn there are more and more people offering you products, services and advice on how to increase your SEO – all for a price of course!

But for many people it can be hard to understand why SEO is so important, and whether such products and services can actually work.  Some of them are even convinced that all search engine optimization tips are just another niche for selling high priced e-books. Now we can’t answer for every product (we’d never be able to keep up with the amount of them coming out every day), but we can tell you one thing conclusively.

SEO can be very profitable. But for what reasons?

The concept behind SEO is a very simple one.  You want your website/page to finish at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for specific keywords.  In doing so, you can guarantee that you are going to be able to bring in a lot of people every day.  This is known as traffic.

People who are looking on search engines tend to be looking for something in particular.  If they were just browsing for fun they would be on Facebook, Twitter or other social media or news sites.  Search engines are used for specific reasons.

This means that usually they have a problem that you can help solving.  This could mean by giving them the right information, or selling them a product that they want.  Think about that for a moment.

People will be finding your site to help them solve problems, and you can sell them what they need.  This can mean big money.  What SEO means to this is that the people coming will keep coming, without any financial input from you (unless you are using paid SEO services)…giving you a free way of bringing traffic, that will be making you money, even whilst you are asleep in your own bed!

SEO means money, big money, and without the financial outlay of buying traffic via PPC (Pay per click) ads and the like.  It takes work and knowledge, but the payoff in monetary terms can be huge.

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