Serpstack Collects Real-Time SERP Data

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If you would like to scrape specific, keyword-targeted searches, you better consider taking a peek at Serpstack. Well, to go straight to the point, you can go ahead and use it right away. Nope, no need to open up your wallet just yet. While there are multiple premium plans available, you can also start with the free option first and go from there. If you are at a small volume, the free plan might last you for quite some time.

Anyhow, what exactly is Serpstack?

In short, it is a tool that helps you collect data from Google. For your information, Serpstack supports web, images, videos, news, sponsored ads, shopping results and many more in between. Moreover, you can also fully customize and alter search queries according to your needs and requirements. For instance, you can scrape results that are exclusive to location, language, device and other specs.

Whose Serpstack for?

There are already thousands of SEO agencies and marketing specialists around the world who are profiting from the fantastic features and functions of Serpstack. You can now get a better understanding of the performance of particular keywords either of your own products and services, as well as your competitors’.

Always be ahead of the competition.

With the use of Serpstack, you can execute SERP data straight to your application or website and be familiar with any of the changes and other whatnots on the fly.

Have in mind, even if you are new to the idea of scraping SERP data, the included documentation will get you going in little to no time.

To be more exact, in minutes time, you can already start benefitting from the powerful and practical Serpstack. The integration is a small breeze and it costs you nothing!

The different pricing plans

We already mentioned that Serpstack comes with both free and premium plans. If you are somewhere in the range of one hundred searches per month, the free plan is the way to go. Not just that, even if you are a serious deal, but you would like to test the API, again, kick it off with the free plan.

You have nothing to lose, yet all to gain.

However, once you ramp things up a little bit, you should upgrade to the Basic or even go straight to the Business plan. Unquestionably, you get the most bang for the buck if you decide to go with the later.

Monthly search support starts at one hundred but goes straight to five thousand only with the Basic plan. Then 20k, 50k and, well, that’s up to you what’s the volume your project is in need of. Bear in mind, Serpstack easily supports even several millions of hits per day. And if you need any additional assistance, Serpstack’s support team is always at your disposal.

In conclusion, the API is for just about everyone, from the smallest to the largest companies and agencies. Without breaking a sweat, you can now start gaining all this new information and have control over the necessary information and details that are required to scale your website or application to new heights.

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