A Short Story of PremiumCoding on Envato Marketplaces – Part I

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Where should we start? The story of PremiumCoding is a story of a two man band that started in 2010. We were just two geeks, trying to change and improve, and to create something new and spectacular. And in the end, of course, also make some money :).

I already had a regular job as a PL/SQL developer and my friend was working at his father’s company as PHP/delphi developer. We both had a mutual wish to start our own business and ditch our boring regular jobs. I started developing Flash Applications for Activeden and it was working pretty well for a while. Then Apple decided to stop supporting Flash and it went straight downhill from that point. It was time to try something new and I made a suggestion to my friend, that we should make a Theme for Themeforest.

Our first Theme was a complete disaster if I take an objective look at it now. It of course looked fine to me back then, just a proof of how the perspective changes when you gain more knowledge and experience. Our reviewer was Kailoon and he naturally rejected it for obvious reasons.

We gave up on Themeforest for the time being and started developing WordPress Plugins for Codecanyon. The main reason for this decision was, that the design doesn’t play such a crucial role in plugin development as the functionality and usefulness. We made a few plugins and some still sell decently (one is on the way to 1k sales).

After one year of plugin development we decided it’s time to give WordPress Theme development another shot :). I was working pretty hard on improving my design skills in the meantime, and had some designs approved on Graphicriver. My feeling for typography also improved dramaticlly and we felt that it is possible to get on Themeforest.

We started working on a Theme, called Radial. After every upload we were certain that we improved the Theme enough and that it would be accepted. Naturally, that was not the case. It got rejected time and time again. We didn’t want to give up but after six or seven rejections, you start to feel pretty frustrated. We kept going because the reviewers started giving a more positive feedback as to what still needs to be improved. In the 8th attempt we got a soft rejection and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was finally happening, we were inches away from acceptance. We made some further (and final) adjustments and Radial finally saw the light of day. We both expected to sell at least decently, but we didn’t expect for it to sell that good. We even made the weekly best sellers list. This was the best possible incentive to keep going and to keep learning.

This is a short description of how we got PremiumCoding to what it is now. It definitely wasn’t easy, but it sure was interesting and inspiring. We both share an opinion that if you do not work hard for something, you don’t deserve to get it anyway. And all those rejections from reviewers brought the Theme to almost 700 sales. Without their strictness and eye for what actually sells, we would never have been here now. That is why the reviewers play a crucial part in how Themeforest looks today and how it will look tomorrow.

But as Themeforest (Envato) evolved into one of the biggest online marketplaces on the Internet, something just doesn’t feel right anymore. Lack of reviewers and more attention to details from Envato is starting to affect all of us. But this is already a topic for the next article about PremiumCoding and Envato.

We really appreciate you for visiting PremiumCoding and reading this article! Now you might also want to check out our Themes here.