The Best Small Business Website Builders: Grow Online in 2021

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Having a website is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. You may want to sell products on your website or just explain your field of activity to your potential customers. it does not matter. You need to register the goodwill of a store on the World Wide Web or the so-called cyberspace under your brand name.

When it comes to launching a website for a collection, one should not always imagine how all the services can be provided to the customers through the website. Sometimes for a business, the website is just a showcase that passers-by are supposed to draw attention to and interact with. It is in this interaction that a simple passer-by becomes a regular customer. Simply put, if we leave out the sites that have stores, websites are generally an excuse to engage with potential audiences to turn them to Targeted website traffic that converts and into a full-fledged customer of their business tablet.

As a result, if you are a business owner and have not yet launched your website, this article will be useful for you.

In the following, you will read how to launch a site that has more audience and as a result, if the quality of your work is good, it will bring you more customers.

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Important points in doing site design for businesses.

Beauty, efficiency and user-friendliness of the website A business plays an important role in shaping users’ trust in that brand. The reason for choosing between two similar products is not necessarily due to the much higher quality of one over the other, but due to the image that the business has created in our minds. We humans first use a product based on our perceptions of a brand, and only then do we experience whether we have made the right choice or not. Today, most of our ideas about brands are made through the Internet. Imagine visiting the site of a collection just to get acquainted with their services and the design of its various parts is old-fashioned, the typography of the page will give you a sense of clutter, and finally when you select an option from the top bar Move to another irrelevant place. Then everything is ready that you will never trust the products of that business again. Here are the tips to do we will share with you the design of the site that must be considered.

Do site design What is the goal?

What do you want your website for? Of course, it is understandable that in the first place, your heart wants you to have all the possibilities of the world in it. But this is a trap you should never approach. You need to decide whether you want to share educational or entertaining content with your users, keep up to date, or shop. The more you go to each of these goals, the more you move away from the other goals, and therefore the structure of the site will change. To understand this, note that the layout and interaction of people in an office with a beachfront cottage is different because the goals are different.

Fast communication, simplicity while beauty

Simplicity means avoiding unnecessary complexity is a fundamental principle in website design. In designing the site, we should minimize the elements that make up the page as much as we can. For example, in the colors used on the page, a maximum of five colors will suffice. Diverse color spectrums that do not harmonize with each other will make the user dissatisfied with your site page. Be sure to pay attention to the complementary spectrums when putting the colors together. The same simplicity should be observed in typography and the font of the text should be in visual harmony with the overall design of the page. It is possible to use a font that has a lot of curvature for the posts on a restaurant’s site, but the same typography may not be appropriate for a brokerage firm’s site.

Minimizing page elements and not using long sentences will allow the site user to understand the different sections at a glance, and this will cause more Internet users to interact with your site.


As much as you do not want to be lost in the back alleys of a neighborhood, your site users do not want to search the entire website to find your business address or phone number. There are several ways to achieve this important feature. Designing a professional bar at the top of the page where the main sections can be seen and then navigated to other sections is a useful solution. Or designing an attractive and functional part at the bottom of the main page, which is called Footer, is definitely recommended for sites that have various sections. In the footer, links are placed to all the main pages of the site.

Visual hierarchy

The user of the website at first glance notices the graphic elements of the site design. The brain is affected by the visual texture of the page before it perceives words and phrases. The visual texture of the page is composed of colors, shapes and Chinese characters; Therefore, different parts of the site should be different in terms of shape, color and typography according to their importance and use. For example, site titles and headers and links should have a distinct and synchronous visual texture.

Paying attention to the hierarchy of visual elements will help the user to choose the desired path in the shortest time and enter into interaction with the website.

Site load time for the user

One of the important points in doing site design is its optimality. Optimal meant that while paying attention to the quality of the graphics and the correct layout and design of the toolbars when needed, you should always consider when the user is waiting for the page to load or so-called loaded. Users in different countries naturally have different patience depending on the speed they are used to. However, the shortest possible time to load will be the best time. You should make the elements of the site pages as small as possible without significantly reducing the quality. We dealt with this issue in a separate article. You can refer to the relevant article to increase the speed of the site.

Consider mobile phones and tablets

Not all of your users visit your website through laptops or home computers. Most of them interact with the site with their mobile phones. This is where page layouts should be responsive. This means that the structure of the web page should change according to the size of the page on which it is displayed so that the user does not need to zoom in on the mobile page. In different configurations, the layout of the graphics, toolbar, links, and buttons will change to suit the mobile or tablet user. In the new layout, access to different sections will still be maintained.

Website design and other issues

Although website design is a very useful tool for marketing and offering products and services, not paying attention to important issues such as SEO, Google ranking and… can waste all the effort that has been put into designing it. When one does not find in search engines that such a site exists at all, it does not matter how beautiful, user-friendly and optimally designed this site is. Being seen on the Internet, especially Google, requires knowledge of the principles of SEO and site optimization, which if not taken seriously, will not be seen in Google; Therefore, building a website requires different specializations in the fields of graphics, programming and SEO management, and weakness in any of these makes the result difficult.

The last word

As we said before, launching a website for your business will be an extremely effective way to increase your revenue. But you should note that such work requires different specializations. Putting these specialties together can ensure the desired result for your business; So, if you do not have information in this field, do not worry at all, leave the launch of your site to those who will guarantee satisfactory results. As an employer, you just need to know what you want from your site. He is just familiar with the products or wants to be a store. Users are supposed to be entertained or read serious news. This is your most important job as a customer and of course web design companies will give you the necessary guidance.

Remember to look at samples of work done by a web design company in before outsourcing. Do this as a regular user and see if you are satisfied with the interaction with the website. You can refer to the points raised in this article.

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