The Cycle Frontier: Mistakes To Avoid To Win Every Time

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The Cycle Frontier has developed into one of the most popular online video games. As players battle some of the toughest frontiers, they are building their rank. Sounds easy does it not? Well, the virtual world is packed full of wonder, but it only takes one blunder to drop your rank. Building rank is just too difficult to take risks. Knowing the mistakes that could result in a loss and rank decrease. A list of mistakes to avoid when playing The Cycle Frontier is listed in the content below.

Selling Rare Items Too Quickly

Playing smart means knowing which items to keep and which ones to sell. Some players get too eager when it comes to selling their items. This mindset will get you nothing except for a loss.

It is crucial for your stockpile to contain a little of this and a little of that. It is a must to keep Polymetallic Prefabricate, Blue Eggs, B9 Trenchgun, AR-55 Autorifle, and other rare items.

Ditch rusty armor, S-576 PDWs, K-28 pistols, old currency, focus crystals, k-marks, jewelry, meteor shards, and titan ore. With this said, it is crucial to keep some k-marks on hand for armor repair. You only need a tad bit of k-marks to complete the needed repairs to restore your armor.

Draining Your Stamina

Like nearly all action games, stamina is key to your performance. The same thing can be said about The Frontier Cycle, where stamina is everything. When your stamina reaches full depletion, jumping and swinging a knife becomes impossible.

A drop in stamina will also complicate things when trying to hide from enemies. Once you start breathing heavily and gasping for air, your enemy will find you nowhere where you try to hide.

Keep your stamina up, so you can perform all actions needed to defeat your enemies.

Keep in mind, that you can always take advantage of Cycle Frontier cheats.

Letting Armor Deteriorate

It is easy to get caught up in the game. Players become so focused on winning, that they forget about crucial elements. You should be aware by now of the importance of armor. It plays an important role in health generation, stamina enhancement, and of course, night vision. It also helps to minimize the damage sustained during battle.

As mentioned above, it is vital to keep some k-marks in your stockpile for armor repair. Every piece of armor has durability, some more than others. Once it sustains damage, the durability begins to drop. Never allow your armor to reach 0 or zero durability. At this point, the wearer will not have any armor protection.

Repairing your armor is fairly simple. Visit the Printer to make armor repairs for a few k-marks. The Printer can repair all your armor, including helmet and shield

Discredit Your Enemies

It is not unusual for gamers to discredit their enemies of a lower rank. Like any type of competition, the underdog can easily come out on top. Even the most skilled player can lose their grip from time to time. Having too much confidence, in this case, could result in a loss.

Of course, rank is important in the Cycle Frontier like in all first-person shooter games. However, it should never be your main focus because there is no telling what your enemy has in his stockpile.

Not Being Discrete

If you have invested any time in video games, you are familiar with players who are just too open. Open players tend to give away their secrets and other valuable information. When your opponents know too much, they will utilize it to their advantage.

Being discrete applies to every aspect of the game. It applies to weaponry, competitions, stamina, and more.

Collecting Too Much Loot

When you play Cycle Frontier, you’ll likely be eager to collect a lot of loot. Although this is a good idea, it can lead to issues too. If you carry too much loot, there is a risk that you’re going to lose everything. Instead, it is best to carry what you need. Grab any necessary guns and items to avoid losing precious items that you didn’t need in the first place. Learning to properly manage your loot is vital for staying one step ahead of the competition.

Don’t Forget Generators And Quarters

It is essential to properly manage your quarters and generators. Doing so will prove to be very helpful because you’ll receive access to outstanding ear each day. By controlling your quarters, you will receive free loot every day. You’ll also get money passively. Don’t forget the generators because they’re important for gaining aurum. You’ll need aurum to purchase insurance gears which are significantly better than the standard gears. Do whatever you must to maintain control of your quarters and manage it daily.


The Cycle Frontier is a challenging video game, but with the right mindset, skills, and knowledge, winning will come easily. Every player knows what they want to achieve. Some want to reach the maximum rank while others are completely satisfied exploring what the game has to offer.

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