The Face of Your Brand – How to Create Your Own Logo

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Do we need to tell you that a logo is not just a set of letters and symbols? Every wise entrepreneur knows that the logo is a part of their brand identity. People will recognize you immediately after throwing a quick glance at your logo. This article will 5 best Internet services and online logo makers that will help you create your own logo.

We also develop logos for our Themes because the logo also needs to fit the overall design of the theme, otherwise, it can break the whole layout. Below are some of the examples that we are also offering as free PSD files, so you can download them and use them freely.

Do good logos contain hidden messages?

No doubt they do. Let’s view a simple example. What thoughts start to crowd into your mind when you see, say, a Starbucks logo?

Starbucks logo

We bet you nearly smell the bracing aroma and feel the exclusive taste of your favorite coffee. Then you accidentally find yourself standing in front of some cozy cafe filled with one and only desire – to hold a cup of hot Starbucks coffee in your hands and enjoy the first gulp of the energizing beverage. You don’t resist the desire to drink your morning coffee before starting another crazy day and when you get some of that sweet caffeine in your system, you feel so peppy and ready to move heaven and earth.

Is there any secret ingredient in Starbucks coffee?

No, the manufacturers don’t add amphetamine to their beverage. Do you remember how everything started? You saw their famous mermaid, their logo and fell into her net. Logos can be really powerful as they play with our emotions, feelings and associations.

Best services to create your own logo.

In this section, we are going to tell you about the different services that will help you create your own logo. You will be able to choose the variant that fits you the most.

What’s most important for you? Price? Quality? Time? Would you like to create your own logo yourself or maybe you want to have a team of professional designers at hand? If the last variant is exactly what you are looking for then pop into MotoCMS, they have a great logo creation offer at an affordable price. Here’s what you can expect: you tell the designers your personal requirements as to your logo and get 4-5 options to choose from in a day or two. When the presentation is ready it won’t look like a draft or a mockup, it will look like your future brand identity kit printed on different objects: mugs, pens, etc. You either approve one of them or ask for some adjustments. MotoCMS pros will redesign your logo up to 3 times without any additional fees. Most likely you’ll be 100% satisfied when they finish.

Do you follow me so far? Are you ready to take your pick? Then, let’s come back to the 5 best logo creation services we’ve been talking about.



Logo design process

Well, Logojoy is the first service on our list where you can create your own logo. How does it work? The first step is selecting the example logos and colors. Logojoy will use them as inspiration when generating your logo options. You also enter your company name in this step. Then comes the turn of browsing 100% custom logos, generated just for you. As you scroll, they’ll generate more logos based on your preferences. When you click on a logo, you can see its real-life mock-ups in use. As you make changes to the logo, the previews update. You will have access to numerous fonts, colors, layouts, symbols and more. Actually, we have described you the entire process. After the stage above you get all the files a designer would provide. Vector files, 20 JPG and PNG files including transparent background and more. These files are made to be used in print, online, and anywhere else. How much will your logo cost you here? The price varies from $20 to $165 depending on the package you choose


Logo Design Team

Logo design team

Logo design process is simple here. You just choose a package. Their prices range from ‘Budget’ $69 to ‘No Compromise’ $229. When the order is placed you receive several variants of your future logo in a couple of days. You review them and choose the one you like the most. The number of designs, redraws, delivered formats and other terms depend on the price you pay.


The Logo Company

The logo Company

Here are the logo design process steps. First of all you fill out a simple design brief telling about your business and company creatives get to work. In 3 days you will be looking at a minimum of 5 unique logo ideas. You review them and give your feedback so that the designers can hone in on one and make it perfect for your business. You will receive your logo file formats for every conceivable application. Web, print, digital. You also get the fully editable master and own the copyright. The service offers 4 packages from $199 to $2499.


Logo Maker

Logo Maker

When you create or buy a logo from Logomaker, what you get depends on what you choose to do with your new design. There are two options: the free web logo and the high-resolution logo (for offline use). Here’s what you’ll receive with each option: once you create and save your free logo design, you’ll be able to copy and paste a bit of HTML code that accesses your design from the company server. You can use this logo on your website, FREE, as long as you’d like (keeping certain terms and conditions). When you create, save, and purchase your high-resolution logo, by the way it costs $39.95, you get the following files: EPS, JPG, PNG, GIF.


Logo Bee

Logo Bee

Logo Bee offers you 4 pricing plans: from $299 to $499. According to your plan, you get from 6 to 12 initial concepts. It takes the company 5 business days to create your logo concepts. All plans include unlimited revisions. They are delivered in vector and multiple file formats. In house designers will craft a custom logo design based on your business profile and preferences. They can create logos using your ideas as a basis, or come up with their own unique concepts.

These were our top 5 services that will help you create your own logo. Please feel free to make your additions to our list. Your comments are welcome at the section below.

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Thanks for taking time and reading this article. Have a nice day and may your logo bring your brand a worldwide recognition.


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