Underestimated Methods of SEO

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Since 2000’s the Internet is no longer a way to find the information but now it has turned into a way to make money. Online marketing has become a big monster that devours everything and everyone on its way. This monster is changing and growing so fast, that the one who manages to keep up with it is at the very top.

It is a well known fact that simple online presence of your website or product is not enough. When the user enters a search engine to find the required information, he or she rarely goes beyond the first page of it. But what’s when your site is still quite young, and to reach the first 10 points of the first page of Google, Bing, etc. seems an impossible task?

Nowadays the search engine optimization gains its turnover with the enormous speed. Every day this young sphere of marketing turns into a real science that hides behind a set of techniques and practices that will lead to long-expected results – visits, clicks, followers, likes, buys. However, if you are engaged in promotion of your site on your own, remember – none of the SEO methods should be underestimated. Always mind:


Blogging is the perfect SEO tool that not everyone wants to use. However, here you can drag in a quality target audience and fully express yourself. Nowadays, a blog can be compared with an advertising campaign on television. Your blog is your face, the face of your product or website. If you share high-quality and interesting information, the audience will certainly increase.


If you are a blogger, and you want your blog to attract a bigger audience, collect subscribers, create an e-mail list, this option will be the best way. You will have to do a tremendous job, but it will be worth it. Guest-posting is necessary in order to claim your blog, your name or your brand among a wide range of people. But do not forget about your goals.


Adaptation is the key to success. Mobile version of the site is also one of the underrated SEO tools. Of course, it is good if due to a thorough link-building and quality content you are getting closer to the tops of the search, but if your website is slow, not adjustable and doesn’t have a mobile version a visitor is hardly going to linger long. Nowadays Wi-Fi has become an air “component”. People in the subway, busses, and cafes or in line to visit their therapist are often bored and entertain themselves using their electronic gadgets. Focus on them.

Avoid deceptive SEO strategies

Yes, except the tools that are obligatory to use, there are tools that never-ever must be used. The worst things that you can do to your website is buying links, spamming, using the embedded links or text, cloaking your content with keywords, as well as dwelling on Link Farms. These tricks will be recognized, and your site is going to be penalized 100%.

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