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Business cards can be an important part of your company’s branding. They bear essential information about a company or individual. Business card usually includes name, logo and contact information like street addresses, telephone numbers (stationery and mobile), fax number, email address and website (if the company or individual has one).

In the past business cards were pretty simple, usually just a black text on a simple white background. Today, most of the companies create professional business cards to reflect the branding of the company so they usually include at least a logo and some other aspects of striking visual design that reflects company’s general branding.

I have gathered some of the best business cards that I found on various sites across the web. They all offer an amazing approach to business card design and they provide something that is in my opinion of greatest importance. They will definitely catch the eye of your potention customers and that is exactly what a good business card is supposed to do.

Hopefully some of the designs below will inspire you in your creations.

Letterpress Business Card

This lovely letterpress business card was designed and printed for documentary wedding photographer Ann-Kathrin Koch. A really innovative design.

Dreamten Studios Card

Dreamten Studios

Dreamten Studios is the design studio of Philip Lester, a designer / developer with a passion for creating awesome websites, brands, and print work as well as providing excellent service to his customers.


MixTape Business Card

Truely fresh and innovative design, business card is on casette that is carefully placed in a casette holder.

Orderin Business Cards

restaurant business card

A crunchy design for your restaurant.

FirstView Business Cards


A dark and elegant design, perfect for any company that does web design.

I Draw Designs Business Card

design business card

Beautifully designed card in dark grey and blue color variation.

Chuck Tingley

chuck tingley card

Business card for a talented painter and visual artist.

Creative Designer Business Card

creative designer business card

This creative designer business card is designed with an interesting brush stroke and font use.

I Prefer Dogs Business Card

Yellow Business Card

A simple and elegant dark font and icon of a dog on a subtle yellow background.

Metal Business Cards For Carpenter

Carpenter Design

This business card features a combination of wood and metal, exactly what a carpenter uses.

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