YouTube SEO: How To Generate More Search Traffic

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Upon entering a specific query in a search engine and then hitting the search button, you get a list of web results that contain the query term that you used. And users normally tend to visit websites that are at the top of this list as they perceive those to be more relevant to their query. And you may wonder why some of these websites rank on top better than the others. It is because of a powerful web marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is an analytical, technical, and creative process to improve the visibility of a website in different search engines. This helps your site generate more traffic or more visits that will eventually convert into sales. An example of a powerful search engine is Google. It is the most popular search engine in the world. As a proof, is listed as the most visited site in the whole web. But did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google? It has climbed to the top with over 4 billion videos being viewed every single day and a staggering 60 hours of video getting uploaded every minute. Thus, uploading and marketing your videos on YouTube can help give your content visibilities. YouTube allows you to present your product or service to a platform that sees over 800 million unique users visit each month. An important aspect is also the use of youtube tags.

So in this article, we will explore different effective ways to generate more search traffic with YouTube SEO. Read on.


Understand the Role of YouTube

YouTube SEO: How To Generate More Search Traffic

Again, YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. It was originally a platform to share short videos with people. But over the years it has grown into an extremely powerful tool. It is indeed an essential tool for any business or individual looking to reach a large number of people since it has an incredibly large audience – over a billion users or, to note, 1/7th of the world’s population. There’s a lot of things to think about starting a business, and using YouTube for your business or brand has the potential for not only improving your search engine rankings, but also energizing your current customers, and attracting new ones. The fact that it is extremely easy to use, and provides a brilliant platform for communication also adds up to its appeal as an effective platform for that purpose. And accomplishing that requires a good strategy for YouTube SEO. YouTube also allows you to include links in the comment section of videos, so taking advantage of this opportunity can make it even easier for interested viewers to click over and learn more about you.


Know What Should Be Posted on YouTube

Youtube and what you should post there

Since you are targeting a very large audience here, you should recognize the fact that not every video of your brand is appropriate for sharing with the world on YouTube. Viewers here are not watching primarily to make a brand purchase. They are watching to learn or for the purpose of entertainment. That’s why your videos should be something your general viewers could appreciate on their own. Determine the things they care about the most. Ideally, it will relate to your product as well, but it’s not always necessary. Videos that are educational like “HOW-TOs” or videos that can help users understand complicated things related to your industry. You should be posting something that is completely understandable or relatable by your viewers and adds value for viewers who are not familiar with your brand.


Make Quality YouTube Videos – Create the Right Content

So it’s now the time to start populating your YouTube channel with content. And it is very important to establish what you want to accomplish with your video before you get into the nuts and bolts of bringing it to life. You will need to define your brand’s goals and plan for how video specifically can help you achieve these. And remember that quality videos don’t happen by accident. They’re created with appropriate planning. Make sure that you don’t simply film something without having an idea of what you want it to be about. And you should be creating valuable, relevant videos that stay true to brand. Try to make your content original and funny, as it will help you retain your audience. Talk about something that interests you and your audience. And your content needs to be created for a specific audience you want to reach. Remember, the more you define your niche, the more your content will resonate with viewers.


Publish Fresh Content Frequently

Before you dive in, it’s important to note that maintaining a YouTube channel takes extra time and planning. So if you are only creating a YouTube channel to upload one video and have no intention of maintaining the platform, you might want to reconsider. You will be needing to set aside plenty of time here to be allocated for planning, filming, editing, marketing, and analyzing content on a consistent basis.

You need to consistently publish fresh content. Consider your channel as a living and breathing entity on the web. Every update you make to your website on the internet plays a part in its interaction with visitors, customers, and the powerful search engines.  However, if your channel appears to be just static, it may be viewed by search engines as a dead entity – with no life and nothing new to offer. What is the importance of frequently publishing of fresh content? It means a good correlation of rank with search engines. The more frequently you update your website with articles, downloads, and new web pages, the more frequently a search engine will stop by to visit your website.  When search engines look at your site more frequently, you have the opportunity to achieve higher rankings based on the content you provide.


Consider the Length of Your Videos

Now, you have to decide how long your video you should be. The ideal duration of a YouTube video is estimated to be 2 minutes and 54 seconds. Your video should be just long enough to deliver the key messages that align with the goal you set. This allows you enough time to engage and enlighten your visitors without stretching on so long that you lose their attention. Remember that most people on YouTube get bored fast. If they don’t like what they see in the first 5-10 seconds they’ll leave the video, so draw them in fast or make sure your videos start strong. You will have about 10 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. The point here is, you have to maximize your time to maximize your impact.


YouTube SEO Process: Pay Attention to Naming Conventions

The first step in YouTube SEO is to ensure your video file is aptly named. Just like any other SEO, it’s important to optimize your video’s title. The title is the first thing people will read when scrolling through a list of videos, so make sure it’s clear and compelling. It should be something that could make searchers curious about the content or be instantly clear that your video will help them solve a problem. And a tip to execute is to do some keyword research to better understand what viewers are searching for. Write a concise, descriptive title using key phrases that people would search to find your video. Be as natural as possible. Include the most important information and keywords in the beginning of your title. And finally, keep titles to around 60 characters or less to keep text from being cut off in results pages.


Specify Tags

You’ve placed keywords in your title and description, so now it’s time to highlight your main keywords in your tags. Tags are simply words or phrases that tell YouTube and users what your video is about. Using tags is a way to associate your video with similar videos, thus, broadening its reach. When tagging videos, tag your most important keywords first and try to include a good mix of more common keywords and long-tail keywords. You can also check an in-depth how-to about placing proper tags on Youtube (where else).

And make sure to include the following types of tags as they all serve a different purpose.

Specific: these are keywords that are specific to the content in your video. The topic of that specific video needs to be highlighted in the tags.

Compound: these are tags with two or more words used. Many people will tag the title of their video. If you choose to do this make sure you leave out propositions (and, as, or, etc) because YouTube ignores these words.

Generic: these are tags that have to do with the overall topic of your video. An example of this may be “DIY”, “How to”, or “vlog.” These words are probably going to be tags that you use in all of your videos. It is important to have a group of constant tags that are generic throughout your channel.

Refining Tag (Optional): use this tag if you want to define your video even further. A refining tag does not stand alone but rather makes sense in a larger context. For example, you might define that your video is episode 4/5 in your latest series.


Utilize Your Description

The description box is a crucial player in your YouTube marketing strategy because its contents help YouTube to determine if and where your videos rank on search or as related videos. This is where you will optimize your video for maximum effectiveness and post links that will connect your viewers to your website, offers, and other online sources. Hence, well-written and well-utilized descriptions with the right keywords can boost views and watch time because they help your video show up in search results as these can convey valuable information that helps viewers find your videos in search results and understand what they’ll be watching. And be sure each video has a unique description; this makes it easier to find through search, and helps it stand out from similar videos.

The description section actually has two parts. What viewers see before they click “Show more” and what they see after. Consider prioritizing the first few lines of your description to describe your video because it’s what viewers will see first. Use these first few lines of text to explain what the video is about using search-friendly keywords and natural language. And then, you may use the rest of the text (what shows up once they click “Show more”) for extra information like what your channel’s about, social links, etc. so that your viewers can learn more.


Create Playlists

You should also make sure that you keep your content organized and you have the option of creating playlists. With this, you can group all the relevant videos together into a single playlist, or you can sort them on the basis of time. It is a specific feature that allows you to organize your videos on your channel into groupings based on a topic of your choice. There are a few benefits in using playlists to organize your video collections on YouTube when it comes to achieving greater visibility to your channel’s content.

Playlists might also be the perfect tool for you if you are creating videos around a few specific themes as these would allow you to curate a collection of videos from your channel and from another channel perhaps. Not only do playlists help to organize your channel and encourage viewers to continue watching similar content, they also show up separately in search results. Simply put, creating these playlists provide you with more discoverable content.


Build Links Back to Your Video

Building links back to your content is another good way to rank higher since it shows search engines that people trust your content. The concept holds true when optimizing your YouTube rankings as well. This is important since this can help your channel more popular on search engines. Just be sure not to appear spammy as this can result in you being penalized and banning of your videos from YouTube. And one spammy tactic you should avoid from the start is to pay for links. You have to look at ways to build quality links naturally. For example, you can create a distribution campaign in which you raise awareness of your videos, such as through email or social media. That way, you’re not directly controlling the links, but people who find your video helpful will link back to it on their own. As you climb in the rankings by using this tactic, more people will discover your video and continue to link back to you. These links, when properly utilized, can become the building blocks to the most effective YouTube search engine optimization since the number of links you generate will determine the popularity of your website in search engines.

Indeed, YouTube is one of the fastest growing sites and is a great platform for you to showcase your brand. And you can build your brand’s presence on YouTube, but the job is only half done. To make sure that this succeeds, you have to put in a lot of effort. You have to sustain that initial burst of enthusiasm. All you need to do is make full use of the features provided by the site and be patient. YouTube can do wonders for your business if used correctly.

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