10 best WordPress Facebook plugins

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WordPress and Facebook are the most popular platforms out there. So it is not surprising that there are plenty of plugins that will connect the two mediums. You can get simple plugins that implement “Like” and “Share” buttons or complex “all in one” plugins that will post content and images from your Facebook page on your WordPress website. It works in the opposite direction also, meaning you can have a plugin that will automatically post your blog publications on your Facebook Wall or Page. There is even a plugin that will implement a whole Facebook Page Template on your Facebook Page, that you can then manage from the WordPress Administration. Below is a  review of 10 of the best WordPress Facebook Plugins, both free and premium.


Facebook Page Themes

Custom Facebook Page Themes

Facebook Fan Pages are becoming a recognizable part of every companies branding. That is why companies invest more and more thought and development in them. Custom Facebook Page Themes will implement a Facebook Template via WordPress administration. All you have to do is use the provided link to set up your Facebook page with. All content and images adding and editing is done via WordPress administration.

Facebook WPress Viral tool for WordPress

facebook viral wordpress

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to add Facebook connect functionality, post updates to their user’s wall and store user’s emails for newsletter or commercial uses.

Facebook Walleria – WordPress Plugin

facebook walleria wordpress plugin

This WordPress plugin is an all in one utility for Facebook related tasks. With the help of Facebook Graph it pulls informations about Photographies, Albums, Comments, Wall Feed, Events and more. It presents them on your WordPress blog in a creative style.

Facebook Quiz Application – WordPress plugin

facebook quiz application

This plugin lets you add a Facebook quiz apllication on your Facebook fan page through WordPress Administration. A unique application that will enrich your Facebook Page for your visitors.

SocialBox – Social WordPress Widget

SocialBox wordpress plugin

It is a WordPress plugin adds a sleek social widget to WordPress website.

This is not solely a Facebook related plugin but it’s ease of use, functionality and versatility are the reasons why it is part of this list. It is a WordPress plugin that adds a sleek social widget to WordPress website. It displays the number of Facebook likes on your fan page and Twitter followers. It will also display your YouTube Channel and number of Feedburned subscriptions.



Woordbook wordpress facebook plugin

WordBook allows you to post your WordPress blog publications directly on your Facebook Wall. It can also post images from that blog publication and display them on your wall, so your friends can like them. If you wish to publish content from your Wordress blog on Facebook then this plugin will save you a lot of time.


A lot of people post photo albums on their Facebook profile. FotoBook will connect to your profile and import all of your photographies and photo albums into your WordPress website. You can then use those albums in posts and pages. You can even create albums based on the user that is tagged on certain photographies.

Facebook Like Plugin


Facebook like button wordpress plugin

This is a simple plugin that implements a Like Button to your posts or pages. There are a IFRAME or XFBML versions of the button. You can change the font and color of the button and you can align it at the top, bottom left or right side of the post.

Share Button Plugin

Share button Plugin is similar to Like plugin but instead of liking the post it allows visitors of your site to share your posts on their Facebook Walls. This is a great way to promote your content. They sent us free likes on our FB page.

Simple Facebook Connect


Facebook connect wordpress plugin

Facebook Connect login ability is getting more and more popular. This plugin will add login ability and thus permitting your readers to comment and post on your website using their Facebook profile. In addition you can also manually publish your content to Facebook profile, application or even Fan Page.


Connection between WordPress and Facebook is becoming vital for any serious blogger that wants to add functionality and increase number of visitors to his/her blog. WordPress Facebook Plugins described above will take save you a lot of time.

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