10 Best Responsive Website Designs To Remain The King In 2014

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Over the last years, responsive website design has earned a huge popularity in the online marketplace. The impact of this design is being seen to an extent that people have started considering it one of the best methods to build a website, which appears great on all devices including a desktop or a Smartphone. In the previous year, there were many responsive websites that remained dominating in the market. We also have some of the powerful responsive website designs that will continue to spread their charm in the year 2014. Here is a list of the best 10:



If you are looking for a good example of responsive website design for a web development company, then it is the best website for you. It combines both colors and informative content to compel visitors to come again.



This website presents an awesome example of responsive website design. Each feature of its design is appealing enough to grab the attention of the visitors. All sections including services, staffing, blogs and others have been created in a manner that they will appear the best even on the tablets or smart phones. It is certainly going to be among the kings of responsive design in 2014.



This website has been designed with a simple and elegant interface. It is enriched with all the recommended attributes to become one of the best responsive website designs in the year 2014. The visitors will not face any hassle browsing this website even on their tiny mobile devices.



The website secure top position in the list of the best responsive designs. It is engaged in assessing interactive website and displaying their innovative aspects. This company performs a wonderful task when it comes to promoting clearly and simply made websites, but it does not take their designs too seriously.



In the online marketing, it comes with the best SEO techniques and optimization tactics to provide a better visibility to the businesses. The charm of this company does not stop here as it has also set a great example being one of the best responsive websites with an awesome design.



The best part of this website is that it has included the favorite character of Disney’s fan on display. On all screen mediums, this website has done a great job by showcasing the greatest animated stars of the company. Thus, resize your browser to view how Micky and Simba get changed with you.



This website steals every opportunity to come in the list of the best responsive website design of 2014. From both points of views including great graphical interface and influential content, it earns the best marks.

CSS Tricks


Being a winner in the previous year, it is going to make the viewers fall in love with it again in this year. This website has been revamped beautifully as it has replaced the former emblem of a frog with a fresh and better logo. As you shrink the web browser, the changing menu title turns out to be a wonderful feature.



Already positioned among the top players in online application development, this website earns full marks on the responsive platform. Everything has been covered in its top section, which appears exactly the same on all the devices including Smartphone, desktop or tablet. The entire information based on the company, software, products and even pricing can be accessed from the top section itself.

An Event Apart


This website makes a mark on the responsive platform. It has aesthetic and bold imagery, which appeals the visitors to know more about its unique offerings. This website appears with a robust visual directives that render the concise persuasion. This responsive website also allows the events to be executed in a good way and let them remain friendly to the audience.


All the 10 websites that have been discussed above are blessed with exclusive attributes and these are likely to dominate the responsive website design platform in the year 2014 as well. Get inspiration for the design that suited the best for your own website.

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