10 Premium Custom Scenes Creators

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Today we prepared for you a list of 10 Premium Custom Scenes Creators, the new trend in Mockup design.


Custom Scene – Feminine Ed. – Vol. 1


Custom Scene allows you to create your own scene quickly and easily. Feminine Edition Volume 1 is inspired by modern busy women, fashionable and dynamic. You can change the colour of almost all items so they suit your image, making it your own. Isolated Objects Each object in this scene is split into separated layers. That will give you the freedom to change the size, position, rotation or even hide the object from the scene. Smart-Objects Using Photoshop’s technology, each object is a smart-object, allowing you to transform each object non-destructively. Dynamic Shadows Would it make sense if the shadow remained the same while moving and rotating an object? Of course not! Dynamic shadows will do the job! Using Photoshop’s Global Light, each object has it’s individual shadow that will change direction depending on it’s own rotation. Also because this composition is using Global Lighting, it’s easy to change the direction of the light of the whole composition!


Desktop Mockup Creator


It has never been easier to create your own desktop environment scene. It just takes seconds. You could use it for header, presentations, website mockups, gallery presentations and more. The resolution is 6000x3700px so you have a lot of pixels to play with. Created for webdesigners, to preview their designs, websites in a professional and photorealistic way.


St. Valentine’s Day Scene Creator


Greatest pack for upcoming Valentine’s day. With 160+ items you can create unlimited variations of header/hero images. Every item was modeled, textured, rendered and retouched. Layered shadow in multiply mode for realistic view. Very handy and easy to use.


Art Equipments Scene Generator V4


Art Equipments Scene Generator is a wonderful pack full of vibrant images and mock ups, perfect for the busy artist looking to show off their project. Present your work in a professional and visually stunning way with this awesome presentation pack. Select from any awesome items. Old boxes, brushes, old stuffs, pens, papers, sketch books etc. Paste your designs into them or make old box or old sketch notebook covers with your special signature.


Custom Scene – Designer Ed. – Vol. 2


Designer Edition Volume 2 was created for the needs of Analogue Designers with mixed medium. From traditional tools like Pigma Micron Pens, Mars Tecnico, Compass, Cutting Mat, Posca Pen to digital tools, this Custom Scene includes everything you need. It is perfect to showcase your sketches, products, work, etc.


Feminine Scene Creator


A great way for any creative person to present their poster work in a professional manner. In this psd file you can create your own fully customizable desk or wall environment where you can add as many poster frames as you like, move them around, change their frame surface and much more. You will also find computer screens like a Mackbook Pro, iMac, iPads, iPhones etc… Display your own work, your clients work or maybe just your upcoming ideas for a new poster. Perfect for Dribbble or Behance previews.


Coffee Mockups Scene Creator


This kit has all kinds of fun stuff to work with for website headers/sliders! 28 super high res coffee related items with custom shadows! (Not just crappy Photoshop drop shadows). Drag and drop your items and create your own scene. The beauty of this kit is that each item has not been scaled down from its original 24 mega pixel photo. So you can do so much more with it! And with the devices you can drop your own screen shots into them or add your own artwork to the coffee bags using the Smart Object layer.


Hand Drawn Mockup Creator


Build your perfect custom scene with this collection of vectorized hand sketched design elements. Each piece is a infinitely scalable vector smart object.


Custom Scene – Designer Ed. – Vol. 1


Custom Scene allows you to create your own scene quickly and easily. It has isolated objects smart-objects with dynamic Shadows.


Mockup Scene Creator – Desk edition


Use it for your Etsy presentation, Header images, Product mockups, Poster frame presentations, Environment designs, Website previews, etc. A great way for any creative person to show off their work. In this psd you can create your own fully customizable desk environment where you can display your own, or your clients work. You basically have endless ways to style it.

Hope you liked 10 Premium Custom Scenes Creators.

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