20 Creative Web Design Agencies For Designing Interactive Websites

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Just as a book is judged by its cover similarly a business on the web is perceived as it is represented to the outside world. Having an impressive website is the key to attract potential visitors and sustain amongst competitors in the long run. If a business fails to have an impact on its visitors, there are increased chances of its being suffered. A website should be designed to maximize exposure, improve brand image and increase revenue. Therefore, businesses who are concerned about their reputation come up with a well-designed website that provides positive user experience for potential clients. A website that is beautifully designed can serve as a highly effective marketing tool for attracting new business.

This posts shares 20 most picked creative web design agencies examples which provide plentiful inspiration to design your own portfolio site. These examples will show a perfect display of how different colors, styles and approaches could be used to design a creative website for your business. This collection will definitely give you some ideas using which you can create perfect and eye-catching design. Let’s explore them in detail:


1. HireWebDeveloper

The design used in this website is so eye-grabbing that it features gorgeous color palette and a beautiful typography. The use of fonts clearly displays creativity and a precise view which readers enjoy when browsing. The website completely supports responsive design to allow mobile users access it at ease.

The use of lively and bright colors makes it more eye-captivating and compels users to click through.


2. HTMLPanda

Combining the power of an impressive layout and amazing web design, the design of HTMLPanda is featured with scrolling and parallax visual effects. These effects make the site interesting and attractive enough to catch the attention of online visitors. The Home page features distinct options for services. The fonts used are large and unique. All these features used in combination make the website stand apart in context to the appearances and creativity used.


3. CSSChopper

Renowned for world-class web and app development services, CSSChopper has been designed elegantly in a way one can easily understand. Designed with the aim to offering an enriched user experience, the website perfectly amalgamates story-driven content and an amazing layout for a clean look and feel. The design along with the content easily lets the visitors engage and connect with them.


4. Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT is a reckoned web and app development company located in the heart of Noida. On browsing the website, you will come across some illustrative and pretty storytelling based layout. You will get access to each and every minor detail of the elements used in the website.

Vertical scrolls are another advanced feature used to make the website mobile friendly for all smartphone users.


5. inkyROBO

The developers of the site have intelligently crafted designs anyone would fall for. The way in which title and content of the website are depicted make it attractive and clean structured. The arrangement of icons, colors and other elements makes it more engaging. The attention to detail shines through each page with its bold images and text that have been ecstatically placed.


6. No-refresh

The intelligent use of design in the form of slides, transitions, visuals and content is crafted in the website. The colors chosen are too amazing to keep visitors entertained for longer on the site. Every single product or service in the website has been designed with the fine attention in detail. When it comes to offering user experience, the company stays ahead in the queue.


7. AppsChopper

AppChopper makes use of semi flat design with a large-sized typography. The background is also alluring and enhances quick page loads. Fixed

navigation menu with an easy-to-understand content makes it easier for visitors to explore different pages uninterruptedly.


8. Better Graph

Better Graph features a structured web layout to allow users to get engaged and easily explore the overall content with ease. Every single information is conveyed to the audience in sync with the design and content. The use of attributes makes it more engaging. The menu bar is also structured for enabling quick and stress-free navigation.


9. theem’on

theem’on comprises an animated background image whereas the content with alluring typography is useful for engaging users on the website. The use of white space is done intelligently to offer an exquisite display to the product features. There are different menu options in the footer section using which different pages can be explored effectively.

Known for delivering world-class themes for different business websites, theem’on holds a true value in shaping business ideas via its meticulously designed themes and plugins. The team of smart technicians has proved their worth in the industry by helping businesses set up functional website in the web space.


10. LogoDesignsStudio

Designed using the simplest layout and typography, LogoDesignsStudio comprises a simple and intuitive interface designed aesthetically. The footer section is quite engaging and conversion-centric.

The “Order Now” button at the upper right makes it easy for customers to place the order. Using this tab the services can be booked at ease.


11. EmailChopper

EmailChopper is a one-stop Email template service provider which specializes in complete email solution by creating custom-made email template design with unmatched quality. With a unique blend of business ethics and technical excellence, EmailChopper delivers outstanding email template solutions with a lively website.

The design focuses on a design that caters the best user experience with a tremendous layout. The website highlights unique presentation with a background theme that is easy to comprehend.


12. Thankful Registry

The coding of the site is organized, easily traversable and thoroughly commented. The use of large and powerful images makes the site aesthetically pleasing. The site has been designed keeping the mobile users in mind. A responsive design is created that slides down the entire page to reveal the main nav options. With a straight focus on images, the use of responsive design is meant to enhance user experience.


13. PurpleMedia

One of the trendiest creative website design agencies, PurpleMedia makes the organization of text and layout interesting by featuring animated images and an outstanding typography.

A simple navigation menu is presented that lets the visitors easily understand content flow and lands into different pages with utmost ease.


14. Change.org

This website is a great example of responsive design. Designed to offer an attractive look and feel, the mobile version of the site automatically adjusts to the screen size and resolution of specific device.

The design targets most of the users and brings in increased traffic owing to its responsive nature.


15. Nice and Serious

Bringing into screen the easy to digest design outcome, Nice and Serious incorporates creative designs to resolve the most serious stuff. The mobile version of website is optimized so as to offer a pleasing user experience. From the design to the optimized page copy, you will find an interactive platform to promote your business at ease.


16. Skinny Ties

Skinny Ties features a responsive website design pattern that offers quick loading and streamlined browsing both for desktop as well as mobile users. The user experience is automatically upgraded and improved with the design of the store.


17. MRY

Encompassing solid colors and animation, the design on MRY website features animation along with an attractive feel.

This website design has incredible features including bold colors and animation for attractive feel, parallax scrolling for amazing user comfort and simple navigation that can be expanded with multiple results. A scroll button is also available which allows to switch the users to the case studies section.


18. 2Advanced Studios

The website is a great example of responsive design with an inspiring look and feel. The website is crafted meticulously under the supervision of professional programmers who have showcased a perfect balance of creativity and professionalism.


19. Form Follows Function

With a perfect blend of HTML5 and CSS design, FFF showcases minimalism in design with an interesting typography.


20. The Gently Mad

Giving a personal touch to the design are its large headers. The color, layout and typography makes it better and appealing to the eyes.


Wrapping it Up:

Being unique and original is the key to success especially when you are opting for a marketing presence in the online world. The idea behind such a modern and interactive web design is to serve users with a content that is fresh, improved and unique. This post shares ideas and best web designing agencies that can be picked and added in your design to offer great heights to your business.

This brings us to the end of the post. We hope you have enjoyed getting an insight about these creative agencies. Learning about them will help you make the best decision towards opting the best designing resources for your online business. So, keep an eye on all of these and pick up the one that matches your business requisites. If you have any such inspirational design in your mind, please let us know in the comment section below.


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