5 most important elements you need when choosing a website template

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Websites used to be so much harder to build. Back in the day, a developer would have to write lines and lines of code, until a website would pop up on the screen like magic.

Ok, maybe not quite like that. But for non-coders, that’s how the world of websites looked. With the creation of website templates, marketers and business owners can now choose from a huge variety of website templates without having to know how to code to create their own.

So what are the most important elements in a website template?

Well, we wrote this article to provide an answer.  Let’s dive in.


Responsive template

It’s really important that your website template is responsive, meaning that the design adjusts depending on the visitor’s device.

You can’t keep the menus and the sizes of elements the same for a mobile device because the user will be squinting to read your text. So the design needs to be different depending on the screen size and whether the device is a mobile phone or a tablet.

A responsive template should come with the functionality already built-in, so all you have to do is to turn it on and voila! All of your diverse site visitors are satisfied.


The menu and CTA buttons need to be visible

The next most important aspect of your site in the top menu and the call to action buttons. So many website owners make this mistake when choosing their templates. They go for a pretty menu header instead of verifying that it’s legible. The CTA button has to be the most visible part of the top menu as well, so don’t forget to check and see whether your template has several versions of the CTA button and that at least one of them is legible.


Video and Images are easy to set up

The more visual elements you have on your site, the better your conversion rate will be. This is not to say that you should overwhelm your visitor with videos on every page and images around every corner, but you should have a balance of visual elements and text.

Depending on the industry, you might want to have a video or image slider at the top of your homepage, so make sure your website template has this option (and that it looks good).


Drag-and-drop templates

A really incredible feature of online website builders is the drag-and-drop functionality where you can literally drag elements onto the page. It makes it so much easier for marketing teams without access to developers to change and A/B test elements on their site.

If you are using a website builder like Ucraft, then you can use this feature on all of their website templates.

If you have this feature available in your website template then you can select which menus, widgets, and elements you want and simply drag them into place.


Make sure it’s optimized for SEO

SEO is perhaps the largest marketing channel of any business and consists of organic search sales on your site. Make sure that your website template is optimized for search engines and provides the maximum amount of SEO benefits for your site.

If your website template is not optimized for SEO, you will have a much harder time trying to rank on Google and driving organic traffic to your pages.

Here are some of the top SEO elements you should check when choosing a website template:

  • Make sure that the website template prioritizes H1 tags over H2 and H3 and displays them in the right places on the page
  • Make sure that image alt tags are easy to find
  • Make sure that you have the option of writing meta descriptions and meta tags



Picking a website template doesn’t have to take a long time. Remember, the quality of your product or service is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your business. However, the tips that we outlined will save you time and boost your marketing efforts.

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