5 Services Usually Included in Website Maintenance Packages

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Website maintenance is both an essential part of operating a business and a time-consuming one. The employee charged with this task needs not only the available time but the experience and knowledge to do the job properly. This is exactly why so many companies are choosing to go with an outside provider that offers a website maintenance package. Unsure of what you should look for in one of these packages? Here are five services that are usually included in a website maintenance package and can act as the bare minimum you require.

Security Updates are Essential

This is a feature that is important from a business and customer/website visitor standpoint. The site needs to be safe and secure at all times, and that typically means doing regular updates. These should never be ignored or pushed to the side, which is why a dedicated website maintenance package is useful.

Daily and Monthly Updates

Speaking of updates, they tend to happen very frequently. Updates can be daily, weekly and monthly which amounts to a fair amount of time and people-power on that one task. These updates ensure the site runs smoothly, pages load quickly and there are no bugs or issues.

Updating Content Regularly

Content also needs to be updated to stay fresh, promote new products and services, remain relevant and constantly attract new visitors. This particular service may or may not be included in a maintenance package, so it’s something worth looking into. Even if you have in-house content creators, leaving the uploads to an outside company can help relieve time constraints in-office.

Updating SEO When Necessary

SEO tools help websites to get noticed and rank higher on the Google search page. However, many people believe that once the initial process is done, they never have to think about it again. That’s not the case, as SEO efforts should also be updated regularly to stay effective. Keywords are a great example. They may start effective and draw traffic to the site, but over time they can become stagnant. This means new keywords should be used on the site.

Ecommerce Requires a More Intensive Approach

If your website is an eCommerce platform, be prepared for a much more intensive approach. This means you’ll need more services included in the maintenance package and the price will be higher. Ecommerce sites not only need maintenance, but you may also wish to hire someone to update the content and load new products to the site.

Pay By the Hours Needed

Finally, it’s a good idea to understand the payment structure for these packages. In general, website support packages are based on the number of maintenance hours needed per month. If your website is relatively small and doesn’t need a lot of work, then you can look into ad-hoc support services instead of a monthly maintenance package.

What’s clear to see is that there are many benefits in using a professional service to provide a website maintenance package. You can take advantage of their professional tools, experience and knowledge.

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