6 Most Important Keyword Research Tools For SEO

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Keyword Research is an art. It is a critical as well as fundamental part of the Search Engine Optimization. Or, we can say the basic foundation of SEO is Keyword Research. Following that, comes the other factors like on page and off page optimization which actually matters. But, there are various things that are supposed to be taken care of during the entire Keyword Research process. In this article, we will take a look at the 6 Most Important Keyword Research Tools.

Only choosing the biggest keyword and running behind it is not at all a good idea. The reason is you may find massive brands to compete against your brand. Therefore, the chances of ranking decrease for your brand or it may take very long to beat those very well known and huge brands and rank yours higher. Selection of a right keyword is not as easy as searching the biggest keyword. You need to do a lot of research and you should have a lot of data to find if the keyword you get will work for your website or not.

If you are investing ample of money for SEO Services Southampton, you surely would not like to wait for long to gain the Return On Investments. Would you? Anyone would like to have the immediate results. Hence, instead of running behind the biggest keyword, you need to make a proper research for the relevant keywords. This is not a process that can be done manually, all you need to go for certain keyword research tools. Keywords chosen by you are very important for the success of the ranking of your website on the search engines.

You will find 27 best Keyword research tools on the internet, but, here we have listed the best 6 out of them. Below mentioned are the important keyword research tools that are being used in the SEO process. If you are also looking for an appropriate keyword research tool, take a glance at this article and go for the most appropriate one, according to your requirement.



Google AdWords


Google Keyword Research Tool

Confused? Thinking of where did this Adwords come in Keyword planner tools list? Yes, you are right! This is for advertising, but Google Keyword Planner is one of its’ hidden gems. Google Keyword Planner is a totally free tool that provides you with the appropriate keyword with volume and competition feedback for various keywords. Relative to your niche, you can get the perfect keyword to see how a list of keywords performs.

This tool is mostly used for the competitive analysis than for the keyword research. You can easily drop an URL into it and see which keywords are being targeted by them. Also, you can get an instant feedback about the ones you have put in the bar. It enables you to export the data easily and offers precise and competitive targeting.

The other benefits of doing Keyword Research using AdWords are it will let you find the keywords that are keywords that will not only let your website gain higher traffic but also will offer the traffic that will actually convert. It will provide you information in three different columns:


In this column, you will get to know if the search term is added to the campaign or excluded as a negative keyword or none. It is important so that you may not invest in the wrong keywords.


This column will tell you about how people are viewing your ads. Just because people are seeing your ad, your business will not generate revenue, but this can help you in keyword research. For an instance, the term that gains maximum impression can be used as the keyword as that shows a special interest of people in that keyword.


This column can help you measure the performance of your website. It lets you know due to which keyword, the CTR of your website increases and which one brings the traffic to your website.


Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz has great Keyword Research Tools

Overall, Moz is one of the best resources, when it comes to SEO-targeted content, so you may not find it surprising to find Moz Keyword Explores in this list. As it is the newly launched tool, it has some extra dimensions to the keyword research.

Research Tools are:

  • Opportunity: It offers the relative CTR of the organic results in the SERP.
  • Importance: It lets you know how your keyword is important to your SEO campaign.
  • Potential: It provides information about the combination of all the keyword metrics which will let you prioritize the keyword for your store based on your niche.

Moz Keyword Explorer is an example which proves that the volume of the keyword is not the only important thing. It is also necessary to consider the competition if the competition is tough, you may not find the keyword on the first page for a long time. The simple and quick solution to this tough competition is not yet found by the SEO experts.

But, Moz has done an excellent job with its newly launched Keyword Explorer. As said above, it will also explain the opportunity and difficulty level of the keyword. The Moz Keyword-Explorer will also provide you some recommended terms based on similar searches.

Keyword Tool.io



Keyword search

Keyword Tool, the name itself explains the working of the tool in a very perfect and appropriate way. For the marketers who want to generate long tail keywords along with the entire analysis of the competitors’ keywords. The tool is available as a free tool but the paid version of the tool is also available. The tool is entirely user-friendly and provides accurate results for the keyword research process. This tool provides the keyword research facility in various languages as well as and specifically for different search engines. Keyword Tool.io provides you instantly with the keyword suggestions.

The tool uses Google Autocomplete to create the database of long-tail keyword suggestions. This tool is generally used by everyone who uses Google’s Keyword Planner for the keyword research process. For the first 750+ keyword suggestions, the tool is free and beyond that, you need to sign up for the pro version.

It is cool about this tool that it offers long tail keywords for YouTube, Bing, Amazon and the App Store. With the help of these databases, you can get better and relevant search terms that your competitors may not be aware of.



SEMRush SEO tools

SEMrush is highly known for the data it uses for the advertising. We can say, The easiest keyword research tool for the blogger is SEMrush as it comes very handy for the keyword research. This lets you know that you not only need to have the popular keywords, but also the profitable keywords. With this tool, you will be able to break down the profitable keyword in the competitive niches.

When looking for going ahead of the competition, SEMrush will help you to reach your goal. This tool comes with a very impressive list of features. You need to use full research report in order to find relevant alternative search queries. This tool also analyzes the commonly found keywords that are found in the top 100 domains for a search term on Google and Bing.

The specialty of this tool is the related keywords come with synonyms and other suggested variations. SEMrush also collects all the keywords that have a search volume of at least ten queries per year. This tool lets you adapt the keywords for the different international regions by offering 28 regional keyword databases. Owning a multilingual website? This tool offers keyword for 16 different languages.

This tool also offers the keyword used by the competitors for ranking and also estimate the value of keywords on the basis of several web performance indicators. Want to have a look at the competitors’ landing pages to make your own content optimization.



KWFinder tools
KWFinder is the keyword research tool with a great interface to find long tail keywords. Though it is new in the market, it is the fastest growing SEO tool company. With this tool, you can find the trend, search volume, CPC, and the level of difficulty in results. This will show which of the keywords are targeted by your competitors. Along with that, the page’s backlink, social shares, and traffic will also be displayed in the keyword research.

When the SEO is targeted with content marketing, these extra dimensions of the keyword can be perfectly relevant. This is the best for the one who is looking for a keyword research tool that is dedicated entirely to the keyword research. This tool helps you find the keyword that will help you drive targeted traffic.

KWFinder offers both free as well as paid plans for Keyword Research. The basic plan is used by most of the users, and it is also preferred to use the free account to see the effectiveness of the tool. It needs some filters to be added manually to get the best results. It creates and saves the list of keywords and can import/export keywords in order to provide most accurate keyword research.


WordTracker Longtail keywords search
WordTracker is the keyword research tool that lets you search any kind of keyword. Small businesses use this tool for keyword research, build new links, and develop a strategic SEO platform. Almost all the keyword research tools have equal features, but this WordTracker has one unique feature .i.e. Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI). Through this index, this tool shows the most profitable keywords that are marked by high traffic and low rate of competition.

This is the tool that is not user-friendly as it has a huge database of keywords. It offers the keyword result instantly and offers a free 7-day trial. If you are comfortable working with this keyword research tool, you can buy its’ annual membership and save yourself up to 40%. It is not so costly to buy this keyword research tool.

It is not a cup of tea for a non-technical person, as it can create a great confusion with the filter and metric figures. This keyword tool is used for three things mainly .i.e. Keyword Tool, Link Builder, Strategizer. The strategizer gives a kind of bird’s eye view, that won’t be collected by you anywhere else. The WordTracker Keyword Research tool is specially designed for SEO.

Keyword Research is a never-ending process. But, it is a time-consuming process. Earlier, the SEO executives had to collect every kind of SEO data manually. The invention of the keyword research tool has revolutionized the process of Keyword research. The above listed 6 keyword research tools are the most popular tools for the process.

Try out at least one of the above-mentioned tool and make sure that from now the keyword research done for the  SEO of your business is the most appropriate and will lead your business to the successful SEO and ultimately will provide a higher ranking to your website.


Found the best Keyword Research Tools for you?

Found the most appropriate keyword tool for your business? What next? Along with the on page as well as off page activities for SEO, Content marketing is the new buzzword for the successful SEO. With the help of appropriate Keyword research, businesses can maintain the content marketing in a very wonderful manner. Maintenance of the content is a most critical as well as difficult thing these days as the competition is highly increasing with the advancement in the technologies.

When a blog or article is well optimized with the keyword, the content is more likely to be successful on the web and gain a higher ranking on the search engines. The page title is the most important on-page element to optimize, so you generally focus on the title of the content, but that is not a great practice.

The keywords should be divided equally among the entire content of the website. As for better ranking, Google scans the entire content to find out what the article is about. And, based on the overall idea of the content, Google provides the ranking to your website and accordingly directs the traffic to your website.

Above all, it is best that you can find the profitable keywords with the help of keyword research tools within a time span of few minutes. Without using the tools, you may get the keywords but not the ones that will provide conversion to your store. The only thing that matters is the Return On Investment, for any business working for the better ranking of the website in the search engines. It is obvious that they would look for a successful SEO, and the successful keyword research will lead you to the successful SEO.


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