7 Online Resources for Designers to Get Inspired

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A successful web designer must have quick and easy access to the resources he needs. However, if you try looking for a resource website on Google, you’ll end up with millions of results and not a single clue how to find the best ones. Thankfully, we are here to give you a list of 7 of the best resource sites for beginner and advanced web designers. The resources there are extremely helpful and you will certainly benefit from using them.


Udemy offers the most extensive and up-to-date range of online courses for students and professionals. In addition to CSS courses, you can also find learning materials on HTML, Javascript, UX, Photoshop, and others. New courses are added every month. Experienced web designers can try themselves as Udemy instructors.

CSS Play

CSSPlay is Stuart Nicholl’s website. It has been running since 2005 and there you can find absolutely anything related with CSS. Stuart has posted many example projects there and you will certainly find inspiration and helpful tips on how to improve and optimize your CSS code. This is one of the most renowned websites for CSS development.


On CSS3 you can find absolutely any information about stylesheets. The site hosts a large number of examples and pre-made designs that you can use to learn new things and to experiment with your website’s design. There is also a section where web designers can share their opinions, ideas and experience with CSS3, so you have access to first-hand information about CSS3’s capabilities and features. Another separate area provides you with a detailed list of the modules supported by CSS3. The news section provides you with the latest news and information about CSS3.


One of the most popular places that web designers love to visit is W3C. This is one of the best places for resources and you can find just about anything there. The site isn’t limited to just CSS and you can find a lot of information about HTML, PHP, Javascript and other programming languages and frameworks. The website is owned by Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web.

Search Engine Land

Although the website’s main topic of interest is Search Engine Optimization, there is also a lot of helpful information regarding web designing, CSS and Content Management System. The website has been active for over a decade and its leader is Danny Sullivan, a renowned journalist.

Smashing Magazine

There isn’t a respected web designer who doesn’t use Smashing Magazine. This is the place you must visit to learn the latest news, trends and techniques related with Web development. The website’s content is updated daily and you will always find something that should be read.

A List Apart

A List Apart is a popular online magazine and its target audience is web designers. The magazine provides web designers with the most recent information about designing and developing web content. It also includes a lot of useful information about the latest and most popular web practices and standards.

Web Designer Depot

This website is a real gold mine. One visit to it is enough to teach you a lot of interesting stuff that isn’t older than just a couple of days. The writers there share the latest techniques, findings and tips that can help web developers and designers. The site also includes a large number of web design tutorials and news. The tutorials include typography, responsive web design, typography and much more.

No doubt, these online resources are considered great source of information for those interested in web design. Besides these online resources, another great option for designing quality sites is to use online website builders. If you want to give it a try then it’s advisable to read online reviews of website builder at website-builder.com so that you can choose a free or paid website builder software according to your needs and budget.

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