8 Advantages of Cloud BaaS for Mobile App Developers

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We all know about the rising demand and use of mobile applications all over the world. It is becoming an uphill task for mobile app developers to meet these market requirements. Cloud Backend-as-a-Service (Cloud BaaS) comes as a great solution to ease down the task of developers, resulting in a better work productivity to meet the existing demands in an improved manner.


What is BaaS?

BaaS allows the web and app developers to connect their applications with cloud storage and processing. Moreover, it serves some additional solutions as well, like social media integration, user management, push notifications, geolocation services, etc. BaaS brings in all these features to the backend and creates a cloud-hosted model that helps in the better building and functioning of the application. For mobile apps, it is known as MBaaS (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service).

BaaS is a comparatively new concept to IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). Wattpad reported that Cloud BaaS has a market size of approximately $220 million. Moving on, let us discuss how is it advantageous for mobile app developers. We have listed down a set of points to understand the concept in detail. Have a look!

1. Reduction in Cost

To create world class applications, most of the companies hire experienced professionals that have peculiar skills set. Building an app from scratch means that you need to invest a large amount of money and time on developers, which might leave your firm short of resources.

Once the development is done, there is a requirement of some cloud resources in the testing phase, before the launch of the application. To manage them, you need to hire someone who has got command over cloud resources. If you are into this business, you should be well-aware that managing cloud resources like backup, load balancing, security, geographical redundancy, etc., are pretty difficult. Finding those individuals who can perform this task at a reasonable price is difficult. Management of the app might consume hundreds of dollars from your budget, which can be overcome by using BaaS services.

The architectural framework can be maintained with the help of Cloud BaaS. Also, it provides end-to-end infrastructure and specialized programming, which consequently reduces the cost of operation.


2. Better Output in Less Time

Almost all brands are now coming up with a mobile application to enhance their business and increase their foothold in their respective niche. If the app is taking more than a few weeks to develop, there might be a possibility that someone else will launch an app with similar functions and all your efforts will go in vain. Also, there are hundreds of apps in the market serving the same purpose as yours, so you need to look and perform better than them all.

When you are using Cloud backend, the development cycles of your products can be cut-short with the support of the BaaS provider. With world-class features from the backend, you don’t have to focus much on the coding part. So, you get a chance to spend more time on the design and front-end to make the application look attractive, impressive, and responsive. This way, you can deliver your projects before the deadline. Also, you should be using the additional hours or days to pay heed towards how the mobile app looks and performs, and ways to make it better; so that it can stay a step ahead of the competition.


3. Code for Different Mobile Devices and Access Channels

Cloud BaaS takes care of coding for multiple mobile devices and even the web if you need to shift the mobile version of an app to a web application. If the developers try to perform this tedious task on their own, it will consume a lot of time, and they might commit an error too if they are not that experienced in the field. The majority of BaaS providers give you native Software Development Kits for different platforms, and if you are working on HTML5, they provide server-side language support and JavaScript libraries too.


4. Regular Updates and Integration

A mobile application needs updates at regular intervals to provide an unmatched user experience. Upgradation resolves all the bugs and issues present in the app. We are well-aware that the mobile applications cost much higher than the web development, and hence, their upgradation means more money involved. Cloud BaaS assists you with the seamless integration of features for mobile applications, which makes your job all the more simple.

Cloud BaaS uses the concepts like Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration, which help the developers in building a delivery funnel. It gives the chance to make changes whenever required. For different types of mobile apps, there is a requirement of third party platforms. For instance, almost every app nowadays needs to integrate social connections which can be easily handled with the support of Cloud BaaS.


5. Scalability and Improved Performance

Cloud BaaS provides ‘on-demand’ scalability options for your mobile app. This enhances the performance of the app and makes it available for all platforms if required. At a later stage, most of the developers face bandwidth issues which eat up a lot of their valuable time. With the use of Cloud backend, there is no need to worry about such issue, as it can be addressed even before encountering a problem in the system.


6. Domain Knowledge

Mobile app developers must adjust and respond fast to the changing trends in the market. Sometimes, making changes for better functioning of the application becomes tough for the developer, as s/he has to select the alterations which are to be taken into consideration now and which are to be left for the later stage.

Sometimes, having a good app developer might not enable you to decide on the changes due to lack of domain knowledge. Here, the Cloud BaaS service providers come in handy, as the coding part of the developer is reduced significantly. Instead of spending time and money on the development process, you can hire a domain expert who can solve your issues and help in better functioning of your application.


7. Data Security

A major point of concern for the app developers on using Cloud BaaS is the security of their data. As all the information and data is available at Cloud backend, there can be a difficulty in replacing the vendor. But, most of the BaaS service providers export their data through Management Console and allow the app developers or brands to opt for vendor portability.

Also, Cloud backend protects all your data. It does not permit any user to have direct access to the servers. These providers also have Access Control Lists which save the data from using it in an unauthorized manner.


8. Flexible Pricing

There are different Cloud backend service providers who offer a set of services before the launch of a mobile app. Once your app is launched successfully, and later on, if you want to avail some additional features to help it generate more revenue, you can opt for paid Cloud BaaS services. Slowly and gradually, your mobile application will gain popularity and will require a makeover after reaching a certain point. You can select various Cloud backend services based on your requirements by upgrading to a higher package.

MBaaS services are offered at different prices by different companies and are generally classified into some categories to make the rates clear. The approximate price starts from $3-4 per month for 10 users and goes up to $1500 per month for 50,000 users. This price may vary according to the traffic and revenue generation from your mobile application.



Cloud BaaS is one of the latest technologies that has taken the mobile app development to a whole new level. Wired denotes that testing and fragmentation on various devices are offering a seamless and smooth user experience with the help of Cloud backend or server backend.

Cloud BaaS mainly comes in handy for the web developers due to the reduced cost and development time. Also, it offers a chance to the developers to focus more on the designing part and create a good working model, which attracts the users, and at the same time, serves their purpose well.

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