9 Eye Catching Typefaces That Always Attract Readers

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The design is a very important part of every business marketing campaign, and there are numerous things that have to be taken into consideration here. Graphic Design plays an important role in creating an appealing website. Additionally, creating eye-catching marketing campaigns is a challenge that consists of multiple different elements. The point is to establish a consistently high quality throughout your website, marketing materials, and content.

One of the elements that play an important role in the whole process typeface. By using different ones for different purposes, you are going to achieve different and unique results.

Let’s take a look at some of the typefaces which are going to emphasize the text of your website or marketing campaigns. It is important to understand the psychology behind the design and give your best to make it easy for your visitors to read your message and attract them at first sight.



Captivating people, at first sight, is achieved by choosing a clean typeface that easily gets noticed. If you want to create attractive headlines for your ads, Oswald is a great typeface for you. It is also very useful for content titles. It is also great for use in infographics. The typeface is a rework of Alternate Gothic sans-serif, and it fits well with the currently popular material design.

If you are looking for a typeface that will catch the eye of your potential customers, this is a perfect choice.



This typeface serves to deliver style. It is best used for sending out personal thoughts. If you are running an artistic blog, this typeface might be a great choice, as it will let your readers relax and enjoy its design. Also, if you are offering services on your website, it might be a good idea to rely on this typeface, as some of your visitors are going to relate it to the level of your professionalism.


Gravitas One

This typeface was founded on the long-forgotten UK fat face typeface. It was used over a century ago and it was remodeled for the digital world. Its best application is for advertising, as it is clear and easy to read. Additionally, this type of typeface is great for companies which have been in business for a while, as it carries an air of authority. People who see this typeface will know that it was used over a long time, which will paint a positive picture of your company.



Advertisements are not the only way to attract customers. Word of mouth marketing is a great method as well, and it is achieved by offering something completely unique. For example, if you are planning to write a personal blog and you want to add value to your text, going with Jura typeface is a great option.

It is eye-catching, yet easy to read. It will bring joy to those who come to your blog, but it will also make it easier for them to recommend it to their friends, which will attract more visitors to your website.



There are plenty of websites that offer longer pieces of content for their audiences. Creating long content can be tricky, as the attention span of modern readers is very small. This is where a clean typeface can help you achieve better results. If you want to make your longer content easier to go through and more appealing to the eye, going with Fjord is a great option. After all, it is not used in books without a reason.



This typeface is a great choice for creative souls. It comes with three different styles, which gives you more flexibility for playing around on your website and your blog. It is perfect to use in advertising, especially if you are advertising a creative, motivational, or DIY website. The looks of this typeface will captivate a wide range of audiences.

When it comes to text, it is great to use it when writing a story, as it supports the imagination present in the story, and it simply looks dreamy.


Gentium Basic

This is a great typeface for creating website content. It is a perfect choice for those who are solely focused on writing long walls of text. When it comes to marketing efforts, it will fit well in infographics, primarily due to how clean it is. Gentium Basic is also a popular choice in several WordPress Themes.


Droid Sans

The whole world is switching to mobile technologies and typefaces are adapting as well. As the whole world has gone digital, there have been plenty of tries to create typefaces which are quite easy to read on computer, tablet and smartphone screens. This is a fine example of how this task can be completed successfully.

Droid Sans is a perfect choice for all those who are planning to advertise on different platforms. It scales well on different screen sizes, which makes it a perfect option for people who wish to advertise on various platforms and will make your text look crisp, no matter if the screen size is 5 inches, 10 inches or 30 inches. Readability is the most important thing about the text, and this typeface successfully achieves this goal, no matter how small the screen is.



Ubuntu is not only a great operating system, it also came with an astonishing looking typeface that is completely free to use. If you are looking for a completely unique typeface on your website, this might be just what you are looking for. It is easy to read and completely clean and the design is quite interesting.

We always pay special attention to typography when it comes to designing our WordPress Themes. It’s one of the key factors that contribute to a great design. And it’s even more important in blog themes. The typography can give a special feeling to the overall design if used right. For instance I used a playful and soft font for headlines when designing our free theme, Everly. It gave the theme a very unique touch and imagine switching the font to Oswald. The theme would look very different.

These are some lovely-looking typefaces that you are going to find very useful for marketing efforts. Additionally, many of them are perfectly suited for a longer piece of content, but for catchy headlines as well. Keep in mind that practicality is very important when it comes to text, so steer away from fonts which are going to make it harder for people to read your content. In some circumstances, it can be very counter-productive.

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