The Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting over Reseller

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You have your website online and traffic is flowing through it nicely. You start to notice that traffic is going up month over month and you start to wonder if your web host plan is going to be able to handle it all. What happens if the traffic tops out on your hosting plan and your website goes down? Many times, this means that you are going to be losing money in the end. If you notice that your website is getting increased traffic, you might want to look into a dedicated server hosting plan. Dedicated hosting might cost you more to have, but the features, speed and performance are going to be well worth the switch from reseller or a shared hosting plan.

The very best advantage to have a dedicated server hosting plan over reseller type accounts is that the server you are paying for is all yours. The entire server is for you to use and that will help with increased traffic, less downtime and fewer issues that could come from other sites running on your server. There are very few restrictions on your dedicated server, in fact, you can put any operating system and software programs on it that you choose. It is the only truly customizable hosting option compared to reseller and shared hosting. Because you are the only person using the server, you also get access to the performance of the CPU as well as the memory that is installed.

When there are issues with your website that is installed on a dedicated server, it is easier to diagnose since it will be the only one. Using shared hosting or a reseller package, you might have more than one customer on the server and that can make it difficult to get the issues correctly quickly due to the troubleshooting tasks involved. The overall stability and reliability of a dedicated hosting server is the best that you can get. Dedicated hosting also allows you to plan for the future knowing how much space you have available for your current websites. This is good for business planning and whether or not you will be looking at a second dedicated server in the future.

Just the fact that you are going to be the only customer on a dedicated server will increase your monthly costs. Add to that the access to a more powerful, reliable server and your cost will easily creep up to £100+ per month. There are a couple different dedicated servers that you can get, but that will depend on the hosting company that you go with. If you are currently renting hardware and bandwidth for your website, the costs for hosting on a dedicated server are very similar. At some point you might have to decide whether the upgrade to a dedicated server is the best choice for your website or business. if you are pulling in a good amount on income from it and traffic is increasing, the speed from the upgrade would be a wise decision.

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