Amazing Microscopic Snowflake Time-Lapse Footage

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Winter was hard on us in the country that I live in, but I guess we all appreciate the beauty of winter to some extent. Snowflakes when looked up close look astonoshing and keep in mind that among the billions that fall, not two are the same. This amazing time-lapse footage made by Vyacheslav Ivanov shows the forming of snowflakes. The calm creation of the snowflake will leave you breathless. And we can say that this is the nature of nature ;).

The two-minute video shows the creation of snowflakes from tiny drops of water before branching out into beautiful ice crystals. The extreme close up is what I find the best part of the video, since it shows the creation at microscopic level. Video is special in every way and deserves a lot of credit. So kudos to Vyacheslav Ivanov.

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