Backlinks building is important part of SEO

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When you study search engine optimization (SEO), backlinks are one of the most important aspects to consider. Link building is vitally important in terms of search engine rankings. It plays a major role in having a successful website with a lot of visitors from organic search (Google, Bing,etc.).

So what exactly are backlinks and why are they so important? Backlink is a link that points to your site from another website. The number of backlinks (and their quality) plays a major role in calculating how popular a certain website is. Google uses a special link analysis algorithm called PageRank, which calculates the popularity of a certain page. It is based on how many links point to it. Values can be between 0 and 10.

Backlinks and PageRank

You can see how PageRank works from a diagram below. You can notice that entity C has a higher PageRank then entity E even though it only has one link (but that link is of much higher quality). This is the crucial piece of information when we try to understand the importance of quality backlinks. In practical terms that means that five links with low PageRank value (for instance 1) are worth less then one link with high PageRank value (for instance 8).

PageRank Example

Next thing to consider is, if the content of the website linking to yours is relevant? Inbound links that come from websites with similar content then yours, are considered more relevant. For example, when we started building backlinks for our website (PremiumCoding), we were looking for web design related websites. An inbound link from a website that covers WordPress related topics is of a much greater value for us, then a backlink from a website that writes about sport.

When you launch a new website (on a  fresh domain) the value of PageRank will be 0. It is hard to start acquiring backlinks when you have nothing to offer in exchange. That is why it is recommended to buy backlinks that will help you get the initial PageRank. Also once you reach a high PageRank, buying backlinks will help you reach an even higher value.

When you are deciding about acquring backlinks you have to also set your Anchor text. It is a set of words you see within a link. Let’s say any regular link is like this –, but an anchor text will have your keywords in place of ‘yourwebsitedomain’, describing your website. The anchor text is crucial because of the way search engines work. If your website is about web design, then you can use anchors like creative web design, top web design, website design, or any other text that describes your website the best. This is what boosts your search engine rank for these phrases. You do want to change your anchor text from time to time so they aren’t all the same. Using slight variations on your main keyword phrase will help. It doesn’t look natural when all your anchors are exactly alike.

BackLinks play a vital role in determining the position your website gets for certain keywords in SERP (search engine results page) so be sure to pay special attention to backlink building.

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