benefits of using a vpn on your iphone

5 Benefits Of Using A VPN On Your iPhone

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There’s a very good chance you’d want to use iPhone VPNs when it comes to mobile security and content accessibility.

First, no one wants to get their smartphones hacked. Hint: All these tips apply to iPads, too. It can happen when doing online banking, checking email, and accessing other sensitive content.

Second, a new game or a new video drops and it’s location-restricted. We all know how much that sucks!

Not anymore.

In today’s article, we will speak of all the benefits of using a VPN on your iPhone (or iPad).

There are – obviously – MORE THAN FIVE, but these are the most important/effective in our opinion.

Benefits Of Using A VPN On Your iPhone

1. Secure Public Wi-Fi Access (Hide Your Info)

When you’re traveling or even enjoying a fresh cup of joe at the local coffee shop, accessing public Wi-Fi can cause inconvenience.

The first solution is to use cellular data, which is safer. But not all have this option.

Instead of always wondering what could go wrong (cybercrime), enjoy safe browsing with a VPN.

You can add another layer of protection when using your iPhone apps that will boost comfort.

2. Access Geo-Restricted Content/Apps

Whether it’s live streaming, TV shows, or online gaming, services sometimes come with geo-blocking. That sucks BIG TIMES, I know!

Luckily, by using a VPN on your smartphone, you can access servers in geo-approved locations to get the service.

It also comes in handy when traveling – you can always stay connected to your home. And the goodies you can watch and enjoy from the comfort of your sofa.

3. Additional Online Banking Security

With the rise of online banking, especially on mobile, comes the need for extra security. Of course, banking apps are getting better and better in providing extreme security, but a little extra protection never hurts.

That’s another benefit of using an iPhone VPN.

It encrypts data via a different server and ensures more security while doing any banking stuff on your smartphone.

4. You Can Get Better Deals

No one likes a price jump when he or she refreshes the website. You know who I am targeting – airline and booking platforms.

They use this technique (not all of them) to force the visitor to buy the ticket or reserve the hotel room.

To achieve this, the website remembers your IP and cookies. Whether you refresh the page for whatever reason or come back a day or two after (even a few hours), there’s a good chance the same service will cost more.

To avoid this, you can use a VPN on your iPhone. The downside? It doesn’t necessarily mean this trick will always work.

5. Smoother Gaming

Got high ping that makes it almost impossible to play games? Especially shooters? You can sort this out by using a VPN and change the location of your server.

However, a VPN, in general, slowers the connection, but it can still drastically improve your ping.

In this case, especially, you need to pick a high-quality VPN, as the cheaper ones won’t do the trick. Don’t even think of using the free ones.


If you’re an iPhone user, you know why you’re using it. It’s a magnificent device that can handle pretty much everything.

Still, you can improve its capabilities with an iPhone VPN.

Advice: Don’t go for a free or extremely cheap VPN. But this does not mean you need to pay a hefty fee either.

Somewhere in between will be ideal if you value your online privacy just as much as we do.

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