The Best Education Website Design Ideas to Boost a Student Base

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Higher education plays a key role in career building, that’s why a number of people who want to receive a degree is constantly growing at a fast pace. When it comes to attracting more youngsters, educational institutions have to stand out severe competition and resort to any possibilities available today. One of the latest strategies used to boost a student base consists in building a website with attractive design.

The popularity of this tendency can be explained by the fact that people do not want to travel around the country in search of the right institution anymore. Instead, they just turn on their PCs and surf the web to choose the best school for them. Many applicants get an impression about colleges and universities judging by the visual side of their websites. It makes institutions take care of their online platforms thoroughly, which is more than just providing information on educational opportunities.

If you want to prosper in attracting students online, look through the best education website design ideas used by successful schools and choose the one that will help you motivate youngsters to submit their applications to your institution.


Coker College


One of the most important tendencies for schools to follow is to make their websites look simple. If visitors don’t feel comfort there, they will decide to leave in no time. This is the reason why you should abstain from overloading it with images of aggressive colors and numerous decorative elements. Instead, it’s reasonable to create a well-balanced layout allowing applicants to read and understand information easily. Keep in mind that minimalistic aspects can add an elegant look to your website, assuring its visitors of your professionalism. When it comes to simplicity, Coker College has one of the best educational website designs.



Biola University


A simple look of your website doesn’t mean boring or banal, that’s why it’s important to apply some creative ideas to it. This tactic can make your website stand out against the background of its competitors and produce an inspirational effect on your potential students. After entering your site, they will get a feeling that the time spent at your educational institution will be anything but ordinary. The best place where you can find various elements of creativity is definitely the website of Biola University.



Bates College


As the student base of educational sites is primarily young people, web designers should follow all the brand new trends to impress them. The most popular options used to modernize designs today include ribbons, shapes (circles and rectangles), hover effects, large sliders, and many other things that would present your content in a contemporary manner. Bates College boasts of a huge slider with high quality images, that’s why it can serve as an example of the best designed educational websites.



Ohio State University


Sometimes, it’s wise to add several classic elements to your educational website design, especially if you want to emphasize how proud you are of your institution’s history. Classic is eternal, and this is the way you should make your school look in your potential students’ eyes. The website of Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory is a graphic example of the retro style that can be taken as a model for your own portal.



Johns Hopkins University


One of the best ways to attract as many applicants to your school as possible is to demonstrate its friendly atmosphere and show that students’ life is full of extracurricular activities apart from cramming. In this case, it’s important to use a background image showing how young people spend their time after hours. Don’t neglect this recommendation, as your candidates aren’t robots programmed for studying. They also have a natural wish to experience a lot of bright moments at your institution. An informal atmosphere can be observed on the website of Johns Hopkins University.



Clemson University


Using pictures of extracurricular events is definitely a great idea, but there are many cases when a formal appearance of websites will do more good for institutions. The majority of applicants want to make sure that they will acquire thorough knowledge to build a successful career in the future. This is when pictures of college buildings, classrooms, and alumni will come in handy. The online portal of Clemson University belongs to the best designed educational websites characterized by the tone of formality.


It may seem to be a hassle to create a portal that would be appreciated by many people, but it is a common delusion. Using the best education website design ideas presented in our set will do the job for you. Don’t hesitate to give a try to one of these options and you will be able to experience all of its benefits.

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